I picked up my Azur pochette today!

  1. Had a great time! Jazzie was there when I arrived and what was supposed to be a 15 minute visit with Nick turned into 45 minutes...and I was super late for work (although I warned my manager I will be dropping by LV today and that I may be late, he was okay with that).

    - I tried on Passy PM and Segur PM and fell in LOVEEEE with the Segur!! :love: I first tried it in red...I am so NOT a red person but it was so pretty!!!! I asked to see the black and the black is very nice too, isn't as gorgeous as the red but I think is more versatile. I may have to make that the first purse that I buy once I get back from Hong Kong.

    - Transparent inclusion GM available! I tried it on and it pretty much slipped off my wrist...it was SO heavy, so bulky but soooo pretty! LOVE IT! I'm sure a lot of you ladies will look gorgeous with one.

    - Ivory Epi apparently is bright white, not off-white! Since I didn't like the black Passy PM much in black (not as nice as I thought...looked better in pics) maybe I will get it in white. Apparently it's quite hard to manufacture the bags because the white dye doesn't dye the leather really well so they actually have to "tweeze" out individual hairs on the leather...more expensive and time consuming process may mean that white Epi may cost more...???

    - Probably mentioned before, petit noe will also be made in Cannelle

    - The new MC bags are NOT attractive at all. Remember the "Monogram Premium" line shown in stefania's pics? With the huge Koala closure...? Well, the MC bags look like those (the shoulder bag at least) but 10 times worse. I'll be sticking with my Aurelia MM.

    I did spend a good 15 minutes going over the look book and nothing really did attract me. The new denim accessories are cute (the cles is nice...like a mono cles but in denim) but not for me. The dentelle cles is cute too but I don't think the lace can handle much. The diaper bags are SO cute but I don't have a baby...lol. The dune colour looks really nice and maybe...*maybe* consider the Speedy.

    Overall, great experience! You've seen tons of pics of Azur pochettes already so I'm not going to post any pics! :lol:
  2. The Segur is one of the most gorgeous epi bags I've ever seen! Can't wait to see it! :graucho:
  3. Oh it was soooo cute...it looked good in the display, but when I actually held it in my hand and carried it around, I knew it is the next bag on my list :love:
  4. Congrats Karman! Can't wait for ur model pix and 'stuffed pix' ^^
  5. Congrats! Im waiting my azur pochette as well..:yahoo::yahoo:
  6. Congrats on the pochette and thanks for the info!!
  7. Congrats on the pochette Karman!
  8. LOL...I don't know if it's necessary for me to post modeling pics since so many people here have it...but I will definitely do some major stuffing and post a pic of what it can hold! :nuts: I'm already amazed at what it can hold...holds more than the CB pochette, and so far it fits everything that I had in my Recital today! I think there's room for more stuff, too!
  9. congrats:yahoo:
  10. I love the Azur collection, it's so stunning. Congrats on your purchase, and ur experience at the store! I hope ur boss understood while u were late! lol. I can't wait to see the pics!
  11. Congrats and thanks for the info:heart:
  12. It was finally great meeting you Karmen! Yeah, Peter and I didn't realized how long we were there until we paid for parking. lol. Anyways, definitely go with the segur! It looks really good on you! That was really fun!
  13. Karman, congrats :yes:
    and I would like to see any model pics with your Azur, cuz its on my maybe list until I see IRL. :love:

    If not, thats ok. Congrats :yahoo:
  14. congrats!
  15. Congrats on your pochette Karman!
    So nice you and JAzzie met up. Hope you both had fun.
    Thanks for the update on the new lines....