i picked up a very small thing today...

  1. damier card holder...it's quite cute in my opinion because i wanted one to put my credit cards and a bit of cash in my damier pochette ipanema...

    i love NYC!!!! but will return to LA tomorrow...then i'll be a really good girl and stop buying for a while..hopefully till the end of the year!!!!

    so..pics of the mini lin bucket and the card holder will be posted by the end of the week! :yahoo:
  2. :nuts: Congrats rensky!! Sounds like you've lots of fun, can't wait to see the pics of all your goodies!!:graucho:
  3. :nuts: Ohhhh, I want one!!!!!!! Nice item! Cant wait for pics!!! Would you mind sharing the price? :shame:
  4. congrats rensky! can't wait to see the pics. glad that you are having a good time in NYC.
  5. Awesome choice! :yahoo:

    I picked one up a few weeks ago for my in-laws to give to me as a Christmas present! :shame:
  6. Congrats! : )
  7. Congrats, sounds really cute...
  8. Congrats!
    Looking forward to see your pics!
  9. it might be something small, BUT woo hoo!!!! NEW LV!!! congrats!!!
  10. Congrats..! How do you like it? I'm thinking of getting one too but not sure if I should get the card holder or a cles... :P
  11. Congrats! Can't wait for your pics! I love all the little small LV items.
  12. Congrats ! :yes:
  13. Congrats!!! :wlae:
  14. congrats.
  15. Excellent purchase!
    Where's the pic?:confused1: