I picked out a cute outfit... (links)

  1. I picked out a cute deal of an outfit, but I shouldn't buy it (too many cute dress outfit purchases lately and overfilled closet that needs cleaning)... so, I was hoping this would be useful for someone... so nice for the warmer weather...

    on bluefly, AdamPlusEve by Adam Lippes
    ivory linen eyelet tiered strapless dress. And don't forget to use Google checkout to get a $10 credit. And don't you dare buy anything on bluefly without getting a 15% or something to go along with it. :smile: I'll help you to find a coupon like this if you don't have one.

    on eBay, do a search for gator vintage belt, you'll get one result. I do think that sometimes the sellers are a little nutty, in case you happen to notice their location. I was a little offended honestly. But, take the belt anyway.
  2. Sorry for double-posting. I can't find the "edit" tool anymore. Anywho, you can use VISAW07 for $20 off $150 or more on bluefly if you pay with Visa, so make sure you sign up for google checkout with your Visa to get a total of $30 off. If anyone is interested and I can catch their post, I can try to help find a 15% instead. I already purchased a bcbg max azria tiered white eyelet dress and organized all the accessories around it. I don't want to go eyelet crazy. Also, I'm kind of funny about things that look like fur or real skin of an animal (even when they are faux). Very hypocritical since I wear leather all the time, but I just can't deal with something that looks very reminiscent of an actual living thing, which is another issue for me on that belt. Although I think it's really cool now, I don't think I could deal with it looking at me. :rolleyes: