i passed...

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  1. on a 35cm black birkin this morning at nyc. it was sitting on a shelf and it just didn't call out to me... all right, all right, i can hear the groans. i could have had it, no one else was around at the time. but i passed on it. i think i'd rather a birkin with color.

    my mission was to get a kelly.... and i did get one. i was debating on the potiron chevre yesterday, but i wasn't sure about the color. so i went to the nyc boutique and saw the leather handbook and whilst it's a beautiful color, i'm just not an orange person. there were several kellys on display, including a box bright orange, a gold togo 28, a rouge H evergrain 28, a diamond croc 32, and a tiny light purple one.

    i went with the rouge H evergrain... and i haven't regretted or wished something different since stepping out of the store, knowing i passed on the birkin.

    was anyone else at the NYC boutique this morning? it surprisingly wasn't too crazy.
  2. Sounds like you definitely made the right choice, I'm sure the Kelly is beautiful-congrats!!

    Congrats, on your kelly, please post pics!
  4. pls. share pics babyhart!
  5. Rose you should call to see if they still have it
  6. unfortunately, the birkin went to the next customer after i inquired about the pricing.
  7. bh can you tell me what leather and hw was it? I was looking for one on Tue but they didn't have any in stock. But I saw them showing a 40cm black and a black HAC to some guy.
  8. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :hysteric:
  9. You definitely did the right thing. Your Birkin should scream at you, not just call out...... ("Take me home NOW - you're not leaving here without me!!!")

    Your new Kelly sounds gorgeous and you feel about her the way you should! ENJOY!!!:yahoo:
  10. Rose, I know your SA. You need to tell him to keep an eye out for a bag with your specs.
  11. I have, I've asked him to kep an eye out for a 30 cm chevre, so I would not have expected him to call. I don't want to confuse him....

    I would have bought to 35 cm anyways, but do not want to loose out on my 30 cm by indicating to my SA that I am open to options. Does that make sense?
  12. You did the right thing!! The Kelly sounds beautiful!!
    Hard to believe that a black Birkin even made it to the shelf in NYC!
  13. would you have bought a 35 even if it's not chevre? I am just wondering. I am waiting for a 35 chevre myself. I hear chevre is harder to come by.

    I wish you could have came out to dinner with us on Tue. HG and I had some yummy Japanese food.:drool:
  14. Yep, that's a shocker.:wtf:
  15. Yes, I would have. I am just set that I want the 30 cm in the chevre. I'll be happy with a 35 cm in any leather/h/w combo.

    I wish that I could have met up with you too. The trials of bing a very busy mom!! If it had not been for my youngest daughter's Xmas party this morning, I would be posting pics of my new Birkin!!

    Ah well....