I passed up the Muse in the Cypruss on Bluefly, tell me I won't regret holding out

  1. for spring?

    I've looked at this bag so many times....................even bought and returned it once (at full price).
  2. I waited over a year to get my Muse, and was fortunate that YSL still made it in the color I wanted, anthracite. I love the color of cypress but can't speak to its permanence in the line-up...but you may find another color that you like better in the spring, which may be one reason why you returned it in the first place!
  3. Don't worry, you'll get the one that's meant for you!
  4. If you actually owned it and didn't love it enough to keep it, then I definitely think it wasn't the right bag for you and there's a better match (or will be) out there for you!
  5. Muse is such a great bag...I'm sure you will soon find a color you fall in love with.
  6. Yeah that.
  7. I keep putting it in my shopping bag too. I can't quite pull the trigger. What didn't you like about the color?