I passed out 4 times in a row last night...?

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  1. Any doctors/nurses around?
    Got up at 2 feeling sick, went to the toilet, passed out, got up, passed out again and again and again for 4 times in the space of 10 minutes.
    I went to the doctors as this has happened before (like a year ago or more) and he said it was usual for young girls to faint :crybaby:
  2. Ummmm...get a second opinion. Thats my advice for you. USUAL for young girls to faint?? WTF?! Never heard of that one before.

    I hope everything is ok, though. Please go to a different doctor.
  3. You need to go and see a doctor today. I would not go back to see the one who said it is usual for young girls to faint.

    I could say a lot more about my opinion of any medical professional who would say such a thing, but right now the most important thing is for you to get some competent medical attention.

    So go see a different doctor, and do it now.
  4. That doesnt sound right!
    I really think you need a second oppinion.
    I hope your ok ! Keep us updated .
  5. Ive made an appointment for 4oclock today, so will let you guys know how i get on :smile:
  6. good luck. *hugs*
  7. Good luck! I faint a fair bit too due to low blood sugar and anaemia... and I can tell you that is definitely not normal.
  8. good luck, :tup:keep us posted, please!
  9. I agree with everyone else - it is never normal to faint!

    Glad you're going to the doctor today:yes:
  10. Have you tried NHS Direct?
  11. oh goodluck with ur doctors appointment. Hope everything is alright, I agree you need a second opinion. From my own experience fainting is usually caused by something, could be low blood sugar, heat, etc.
  12. Are you going to see a different doctor? Please do not go back to the one who said that it is usual for young girls to faint. Just tell them you would like to see a different doctor. Move heaven and earth to do that. Please.
  13. yes, i have asked for another doctor, i thought it was a bit strange him saying that too. :smile: I'll speak to you all soon and let oyu know how it goes
  14. Sounds like you might have narcolepsy. No big deal, they've got lots of medications to treat that.
  15. Yikes! I hope the new doctor is more helpful. Passing out -- especially repeatedly -- is NOT normal. Hope everything is okay, keep us posted on what you find out.