I passed on a Birkin today...will they offer me another anytime soon?

  1. I got a call this morning from my local Hermes (SCP) for a 35 white Togo Birkin in PH I've waitlisted for since last year. I went in the store and tried it on, but turned it down since I have already bought a "safe" color Birkin (Black) earlier this year and would now like to try out something more "fun." Besides I just don't know if I'd be able to keep white bags clean since I'm so clumsy.

    I asked the SA to change my colors chioces to either Fushia, Rose Dragee or BJ in 35 w/ GH. She said I'd get a call when one of the colors come in but she didn't know when. Does anyone have similar experience? And how long did you have to wait for the next bag? I'll be moving out of the country by the end of this year so I'm really worried.

    Also, is it really true that Hermes only allows one Birkin per customer, per year? I passed on the white today also because the SA told me that if I purchase it I would have to wait until next year to get on the Fushia Birkin list. But I also do recall some other tpf members acquiring multiple Birkins in a year's time. Is it based on the SA's/store manager's personal preference?
  2. Hi Oreocat... I bought a rose drage birkin there right before Xmas and just rec'd a call about a 30 cm gold one a couple of weeks ago... so you can purchase more than 1 in 1 year.
  3. I passed on a bag and got another call soon thereafter. Not to worry.

    My store did say they usually only make one podium order per year. I am sure it depends on the circumstances.
  4. My local store allows 1 Kelly and 1 Birkin a year.
    I've gotten 2 Birkins in a single shipment from Europe, however, so while this is by no means normal/typical, the policy must be store-dependent.
  5. My store also is strict about the 1 birkin or 1 kelly per year policy. I think the wait is just dependant on your color/leather choices.
  6. Thanks lucabela, lulilu, Pepper and CindyYZ! :flowers:
    I do hope I get a call soon! Keeping my fingers crossed!
  7. Hope you get a call soon.

    You might want to discuss with your SA, what sort of arrangements she can do for you, in the event your bag arrives after you leave the country. I think this is good planning. Best that you receive it before you go, but if it's after, at least you can get it covered.

    Multiple birkins in a year .... it depends on your relationship with your store PLUS the demand and suppply of the Birkins PLUS the store policy. Really no straight forward answer.
  8. The scp store policy on b bag allotment might have changed because they have a new manager. He started sometime this year, I don't know what month, but I think recently.