I Own Lots Of Colors And Not A Single Black Bbag...

  1. So I tend to buy a lot of colorful bags but have always put off buying a black one. Since I figured I can always get it later. Can anyone relate?

    But I'm now in the mood for Black, so I need help with which size I should get.

    Should I get a...


    Here's my curent collection (Sandstone will be a part of it soon in either a Work or Weekender)...


    Not a single black :wtf:

  2. Well, since you like big bags and to be a little different I would say a black Shopping! Good Luck!
  3. My suggestion is either u get ur sandstone in WE style....then ur new black bbag will be work.....:yes: :yes:
  4. I'd go for a black day! :smile:
  5. sounds just like me...definitely want a black but keep putting it off for other colors...

    But your collection really would be sooo enhanced by the classic black-- good thinking!

    What about a weekender or shopping in black...a work in black would also be great but since u already have three in the work style...

    even if you are getting a sandstone weekender, black would be the perfect complimentary color to the sandstone for your collection, for those days when you want a dark, don't have to worry about it getting dirty- bag..., or for traveling it is ideal since you won't have to worry about setting it down under plane seats or for security checks, etc.
  6. I would get a Black Weekender even though you are getting the Sandstone Weekender.

    You already have 3 works. It would just round off your collection to have a light and dark WE.

    I have the Marine Weekender and it WAS nice to travel with, put on the floor of the plane, drag it through airports and not worry about the color.
  7. very nice collection! i am the same way when it comes to clothes and things like that. i always tell myself that i need tons of COLOR! i am a woman of color and i love to be radiant! i always say i'm going to get black items but i never end up doing it!!!! ah!
  8. Here you go again w/ your beautiful FB work... jeez.. now i need to stare at it more... do do do...

    well, I think you Always need black bbag!! Timless classic..!! I say a weekender, since you've been talking about going larger why not a BLACK weekender, that will be a perfect addition!
  9. :drool: at the blues!!!

    Ummm, maybe a BLACK work or weekender... :o)
  10. i would recommend a day or courier style - something to throw over your shoulder. BUT it looks like you prefer handles AND big bags, so i would recommend a weekender. black looks amazing in a b-bag, def not your typical little black bag, that's for sure!
  11. Don't feel bad, I JUST got my very first black b-bag a few months ago. So many times, these bags are all about colour!
    I would go for the Work for you. I love the way it slouches and I think that slouchy bags look very professional and edgy in all black.
  12. What about classic black city????
  13. FYI. I'm a boy. :supacool: :supacool:

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. I say the WEEKENDER!! :yes:
  15. With all the talk of getting things dirty, I've decided to opt for a Sandstone Work (I think! lol):sweatdrop:

    Hmm...the idea of carrying a Black Weekender is sounding more and more delicious. :drool: