I OWN a Cognac Kooba Marcelle - Finally!!

  1. I need to celebrate - I have wanted this bag for soooo long. I will finally have her in my hands next week. She is used, but in great condition I think, and definitely authentic. IF by chance I ever come across one NWT I will sell her and buy that one LOL, but I feel it's unlikely to happen soon. Just had to share as I am feeling :yahoo: and :wlae: and even :choochoo:

  2. Good for you, I've been following your hunt, so glad you finally found one!!
    Love that bag, was on a constant hunt last spring for the marcelle in ivory, could not find it and ended up with the sienna!
  3. Congratulations! Post pics when you get it! Enjoy!
  4. Yay, finally! Congrats!! Can't wait to see pics ;)
  5. Congrats :yahoo:
  6. Wonderful! I'm glad that you finally found your Marcelle. You really were actively searching, weren't you? I'm still looking for an affordable black Marcelle but at this time it's kinda on the back burner as I would love an Elisha, too.
  7. Congrats Cheekers! I bet you can't wait for her to come so you can fondle... ;)
  8. Congrats! :party:
    Looking forward to seeing photos!!
  9. Thanks girls! And yes, can't wait to fondle!

    Any recommendations for leather that has darkened a bit with age? I know this is a natural thing, anything I can do to restore it at all?
  10. Congrats! Try apple leather clean care.
  11. Oh I am so happy for you Cheekers, you found your baby! *s
  12. yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!! :smile: im so glad u found it!! did u get the color u were dying 4 too?/
  13. pics please.............
  14. Thanks ladies! Yes Bessie, I got it in Cognac, so hard to find. I love it. It's in good condition being it's several seasons old and I could send it to LMB if I felt the need, I suppose. Pics to come when I get her!
  15. so did u decide to get it from eBay or from the private seller int he end?