I owe this Reveal to CrazyForCoach09!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

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  1. I have been stalking the outlets for a Caroline. I went to an outlet that I don't go to a lot and asked the SA to look for this Caroline.

    To my surprise, she found one. She called and was told it was damaged and they wouldn't sell it, so she hung up the phone. I thanked her and came home.

    I called the outlet myself and asked about it. The SA said they couldn't sell damaged items. She said, the spring on the dog leash clip of the shoulder strap was broken.

    I told her I was still interested in buying the bag and asked her for a price. She put me on hold and came back and said the manager said those were still available at FP so it would be full retail less 10%. That is CRAZY!! I told her I could buy one with the upcoming PCE for less than that. She said I'm sorry, that's the price.

    I sent CrazyForCoach09 a PM asking for her advise. She was so helpful and was glad to help me.

    I called back and followed her advise. The bottom line, Caroline arrived today for the price of $375!!!

    I looked at the clip on the shoulder strap and the little wire was just out of place. I took a pair of tweezers and got it back in place and it's good as new.

    CrazyForCoach09, I can never thank you enough for taking your time to help me. AND for being just as excited about it as I was! I owe you!!!!

    Meet my new Parchment Woven Caroline!!


    AND ironicallly, last week I bought the Parchement Gathered Wallet at the outlet for $62.50. It was meant to be!!

  2. Caroline is beautiful, and what a great price for her! The gathered wallet is a great match too! CrazyForCoach09 is an amazing purse fairy, isn't she? Congrats on an amazing score!
  3. Double boooooooooo to the damn yah !!!!!!!!!
    That is how its done !!!!!!!
    Congrats. N i will help u again.
  4. Thank you! Yes CFC is the best purse fairy!!!!!!
  5. Thnks girl. I just like helpin gals save money !!!!!!!!

    If there is ever anything I can do for you, consider it DONE!!!!!

  7. And I appreciate it!! I'm the same, I like helping others out!
  8. Stoopppppp girl plz. I would do it again. Everyone who wants to save money will save n whn it comes to Coach i SAVE. Boooooooyah.
  9. And who doesn't love saving money?! :biggrin:
  10. I hear ya
  11. What a cool woman you are!!!
  12. I love parchment color! This bag and the wallet are Beautiful !!!!! Congrats and enjoy!
  13. Thanks bagee!!! I do too! Parchment is so sophisticated!!

    Living in the south, I wear it year round!!!
  14. Glad you were able to get the Caroline! Congrats on both purchases! C4C09 strikes again!
  15. Thanks dwm!! I'm still so excited over Caroline! AND C4C09!!!