i overanalyze hair color so much...opinions please?!

  1. okay so i am THE MOST indecisive person in the entire world!Im getting my hair cut and colored saturday, and while i already have the haircut i want, i am not sure about the color. so i was going to ask you guys for your opinions.

    this is me with my most recent hair color(red): [​IMG]

    option 1:

    option 2:
    red again

    im sorry i bombarded you guys with so many pictures and text, but i am just so crazy when it comes to hair color. I really liked the red on me, but i feel like i want to switch it up and do brown this time since i had brown last time. i cant stand having a consistent hair color! lol.
    but then im worried that i wont like the brown if i get it because i feel like brown is such a "boring" color, and so many more people have brown then red.
    but i chose that particular brown on jessica cause i thought it was more unique.
    but anyways... as you can see i overanalyze things WAY too much, but thats just me. opinion please :/ i appreciate this
  2. Wow you have lovely complexion and hair luster! I think your current shade suits your skin tone just fine. If you want something more daring but presentable, try a plum shade - a purply-brown or red-mauve. Then you'd know if you could try a more brown, red or blue shade. Plum seems to look best on brunettes.
  3. I think your current colour looks great, but I would lose the ends.

    Jessica Simpson's hair looks like a wig to me so you might have a hard time getting it for yourself.
  4. ^LOL... wig!

    Seriously, though, I think Jessica's brown might wash you out - you can see she's quite (read: overly) tan in the photo and I think that helps. With your dark brows, it might crowd you... what about a hazelnut or a lighter chestnut? Or if you feel like a big change, a honey blonde(although you might need to dye your brows as well).

    As a brunette, I assure you that brown is not boring LOL, but if you prefer a bit of drama, then stay with the red - it certainly suits you and your hair looks really soft and shiny - i love that shimmer of lighter red where the reflection on your fringe is!
  5. ^ I agree. I think a brown would be nice, but a little lighter and you could do a bit of red in whatever shade you picked for fun.
  6. I think you look great in red. I'd suggest a more natural shade of red.. sort of what Lindsay Lohan used to have?
  7. I agree with a more natural shade of red.