I ordered yet another bag! How do I explain this? Lol.

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  1. Hi!
    So this is a two-fold post. I feel like an addict. I keep telling myself, just one more bag and that's it. And then it's, ok, this is really it. I've come to terms that I won't be getting my dream bag anytime soon or ever. So I ordered another satchel. Lol. A regular-sized satchel in my much-desired color aqua. So now I will say, this is the last one. (Unless I find my dream bag....lol.)
    And the second part to this thread is - what do we say to our family and friends when they see yet another bag?? Lol. I feel like I should be ashamed. Except I'm too excited!! Lol. I ordered a bag from the great Reading, PA. I had to. "Had" is subjective. Very subjective. Lol.
  2. Oh I know this feeling! Luckily for me most of my family is oblivious to my bags and if they ask I usually respond "oh I've had this for a while"

  3. Lol! I like that. But it won't work for me. I just started this obsession and have gotten quite a collection going in a short period of time. And now my bags are instant conversation pieces. This aqua one won't be easy to hide. Unless I tell them that it's my taupe satchel that changes color according to moods - like a mood ring. Hahaha. No. I guess not.
  4. Yay, you finally got your aqua bag! Congrats! (I suppose I'm no help. Lol)
    I know exactly what you mean :smile: I've been there, saying and doing the same things. In fact I find myself hiding my new bags because I don't want to be questioned. I guess that's what we are here for, sharing and support. There is comfort in knowing others understand us :smile: I can't wait to see your new bag! :smile: if you guys keep tempting me with these gorgeous aqua bags....I might have to get one too :smile:

  5. Oh wouldn't that be so cool?!!! Those two colors together...to die for!

  6. That's my go to phrase too. Lol
  7. I feel the same way lately!! My hubby and friends probably think I'm crazy when they see me with another new one. If nothing else, we're here to enable your purchases :smile:
  8. Lately, my girls have been telling me, "Mom, you have a lot of bags." And I agree and I always respond that I'm just looking not buying. But in reality, I'm still looking for that dream bag and if I find it I'll buy it!

  9. So what is your dream bag Bobetta?
  10. Cant wait for the pictures. Somehow I have convinced Husband of Mine that I absolutely need Dooneys in 11 different colors. And that is narrowing them down! Crazy!

    Im so happy for you! Cant wait to see it. I have a trip to Europe coming up, so now Im buying summer clothes etc. But after I come back, I suspect raspberry will be next in line :smile:

    Dont feel bad, its like shoes. If I like the style, I'll buy them in different colors and sometimes even a back up of a single color if its a classic and Im sure I wont find another pair like that.
  11. LOL... That's the same lie I tell. :shame:
  12. :roflmfao:

    I love it!
  13. OMG!!! I'm so glad I joined this forum. There I thought I had a problem. Now I see that its normal. LOL... You ladies are simply THE BEST!!! xoxo
  14. Oh no, I can't believe I'm actually going to call the Reading store to see if they have any aqua satchels left..... I have yet to get my first satchel. I had an Ivy one once, but I exchanged it for the red Stanwich.

    Bobetta, you're in good company :ghi5:

  15. You guys are the absolute best!!!
    I got in crazy busy mode but I'm going to reply back more later. Just wanted to say that my dream bag is actually owned by someone in this forum! I forgot her user name. I'll have to go back through my messages. But she posted the pic and asked, is this it, and I was, like, yes, it is! Lol. It's the Aqua Dillen II Satchel with the aqua handles and aqua body. Love that bag. But it's a few years old and no one seems to sell it anymore. :sad: So I was holding off for that bag but once I realized it may not be happening, I decided to grab whatever Reading had left. And I kept calling and they kept saying one bag left. Who knows. And she said it wasn't "that" smooth. And that it was a bit grainy. But I took my chances and we'll see what happens when she arrives this week. Cannot freaking wait! Lol.