I ordered two bags yesterday...

  1. Yesterday my gf reminded me the price increasing today. So I ordered two bags, one is Cabas Mezzo, another is Epi Croisette in PM in black. I want to hold on to them since I know they are always available. But the price increasing makes me order them now...Anyone here with me on this? The urge to order LV before price increases?:angel:
  2. Nice bags you ordered!! Can't wait to see pics. You are not alone, many of us here beat the price increase. But.....where is the increase???
  3. Prices on Elux for the bags on my want list are same as last week. Maybe it was only on some bags?
  4. Wow, what luck!
    I ordered an cabas mezzo just now from ELUX and had it in my shopping bag from yesterday and got it at the old price of 940.00 instead of 990.00.
    I wanted a tote to use for everyday but also to travel and couln't decide on the damier keepall or this. I went with the cabas b/c I read other purse forum members say they just use keepall for traveling and I wanted a duo purpose bag nd not just sit in closet(don't travel much). I thought about the damier chelsea but couldn't get CABAS out of my head after always seeing Angeli Jolie with hers.
    Besides-just got my damier speedy 30 and wanted a monogram piece to add to my collection.

    I'm done for the year, a speedy black 30, damier speedy 30 , cabas mezzo, and damier pocket agenda and fleur red bandeau!!!!!!!!
    BYe Bye Bonus
    Just wanted to share.....
  5. Good thing you did!!! The prices went up and by a lot, IMO. How much did you save?
  6. saved 50 dollars!! not to bad, but geeeeeez whats up with 2 x increases in less than 5 months. I'M DONE FOR NOW-LV is getting a little ridicules don't ya think?
  7. For cabas mezzo, I saved $50.00, for Croisette , I saved $50.00...I am debating which one should I get, Speedy30 in red epi or croisette PM.....*pulling hair".:biggrin:
  8. Alright, it is finalized, I got Cabas Mezzo and Croisette PM in Mandarin color. The SA gave me the old price cause I ordered last Sat....Woohoo...:biggrin:
  9. That's great!!!
  10. great choice with the croisette PM esp in Mandarin :love:

    a great savings too!
  11. Congrats! I really love the Mezzo, especially. I don't blame you for beating the price increase. Can't wait for the pics.
  12. Did they have another price increase? I am late to the party.
  13. Yes, SA emailed saying it is 06/12,but actually it is on today though.
  14. ditto :sad:
  15. Congrats.