I ordered this for myself the other day

  1. I was doing some last-minute gift shopping at Nordstrom.com and I ordered this to go w/the Hampton bag I'm getting for Christmas. I dont know why since I have a black leather Coach wallet that I plan on using w/it, but since I cant find any red accessories I just had to get this. We'll see if it matches well or totally clashes!
    red mini.jpg hamptons.jpg
  2. I had a red Coach wallet listed on eBay, but I think it was too bright for this.

    Nice bag, CONGRATS!!!
  3. Gorgeous! I love the style of the Carryall, and that color is so rich! TDF!!!!! Congrats!
  4. Congrats, what a gorgeous bag and I think the skinny is perfect!
  5. I love that bag. To big for me though!!! I love that mini skinny!
  6. thats a cute color...no red bags for me yet...
  7. So pretty. I love the embossed pieces.
  8. I have a friend that would probably kill for that combo! Those colors are just amazing!