I Ordered the Pocket in Mousse!


Feb 4, 2006
After much agonizing over whether to buy the small pocket or large pocket and which color to order, I have FINALLY made a decision! I just completed my order with LVR for the large pocket Paddy in mousse. Of course as soon as I sign back on here there are pics posted of the mousse color! Thank goodness they are GORGEOUS!!! :nuts: I thought it would be a darker color, but the shading appears to be quite lovely in Roz's eBay post. Whew! Of course I will post pics for all as soon as it arrives. Any idea how long it takes to get bags to the U.S. from LVR? It is in stock, if that helps.

Someone mentioned that I may need the LVR address for FedEx paperwork...did anyone ever find it?
If its in stock, its fast. 2 days maybe from the time its shipped? I didnt need LVRs address when I filled out the customs paperwork. they needed MY address and social sec #. BUT on the weird chance they need it I do have it. And congrats! I ADORE the mousse!
Ahaha, Congrats ET!!! I know how much you were going back and forth, deciding, deciding... sleep much lately? lol! Glad you've ordered her.

Re the LVR address thing.. I think it was a misunderstanding on the part of the poster as others have said afterwards that all that was needed is the "importer's" address and info, meaning yours, not the sender's.
Okay...good to know. Nawth, if I need the address I will PM you, thanks. I am SO glad to have finally made the decision. Based on the pics on Roz's eBay post, the mousse will be pretty close to the jeans moyen that I had to return (in the Paddy, not my style...the pocket is much more square). YAY! I hope I love it...can't wait for it to get here. And the shipping is free if the order is over 1000 EU. :lol: :love: