I ordered the new Cotton Club tote BUT

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  1. it's not here yet. *taps foot impatiently*

    How long do you think Fedex takes from CA to CT? :confused1:

    I just cannot wait to get it...I'm so excited. I ordered the bronze. :yahoo:

    this is actually my very first excursion into chanel. I hope I won't be dissapointed. I'm actually looking for something structured. While the GST would probably be the best bet, I'm always drawn to new collections. Can anyone who has experience with both compare the two?
  2. did you buy it from chanel boutique? i think chanel boutiques use fedex 2 days air.
  3. Yes, it was from the chanel boutique in CA. Hmm. The order went in Saturday but then there was Monday in between (which was a holiday). I don't know...
  4. i dont think fedex closed during president's day.... (correct me if i am wrong)i know usps did close. if you ordered it sat, it was prob sent on monday. so you should ge tit tomorrow.
  5. MeLove purse: Oh, ok. Great, thanks. I actually placed the order friday evening so I was hoping it would have shipped out Saturday. *wishful thinking*
  6. ohhh i can't wait to hear how you love it.....(notice i say "love", not "like" !!! lol)
    i just got it in blue and i adore it...............
    its a fabulous bag
  7. Hey Pursonality, I didn't even know they made blue! Is it like a navy? How pretty! Have you taken pictures yet? How structured is it?
  8. Hope it gets here soon! Can't wait to see pics of it!
  9. You must show us pictures when you get it!
  10. congrats! i too would love to see it when you get it!

  11. It's hard waiting, I know. Post pics when you get it. I'm sure it's beautiful.

    Purseonality, Can you describe the blue? I'm loving this tote and thinking about blue for Spring/Summer. Is it light or dark? Thanks.
  12. I just got it in Bronze and I LOVE it!!!!
  13. Fedex is never closed!!! I know this cause I use them for business and I am getting Fedex's every friggen day, even holidays.
    If it went out on Monday, it will get to you by tomorrow-esp if its 2 day. Call them and get the tracking #. Or call Fedex and see if they can reverse search for its #.
  14. which cotton club did u get...remember to post pix when u get it!!
  15. I have the tote in blue (pic below) and love it!! I also have the GST and find the CC tote to be much more comfortable under the arm. The GST leather is very rigid, but the CC leather is flexible (yet structured) and conforms to your body. I always have to push the GST behind me when it is on the shoulder but never the CC.

    Note that some of the CC totes have had problems with the straps breaking due to open links that connect the toggles. The links on my bag are still completely closed, but some totes have come with unsoldered links which eventually open up with use, causing broken straps. Check your bag carefully upon arrival.