i ordered the marc by marc jacobs dr.q groovee in large :D

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  1. i ordered it a couple of days ago, and it'll be here soon! :biggrin:
    will definitely post pictures when i get it :smile:

    btw, sorry i spelt the name wrong, its confusing ! LOL
  2. awesome! can't wait for the pics! congrats!!
  3. yay! But what do you mean by large? I thought there was only one size...and you spelled 'dr. q groovee' correctly!
  4. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see pics!!!
  5. the saleswoman said that the one i bought was a bigger version, she said it was the large :yahoo:

    haha thank you!! i finally got it spelt right! lol
  6. it'll be here friday! :tup:
  7. I dont think they came out with two sizes, unless you're talking about the Hillier Hobo.

    Either way, congrats on the new bag! Can't wait for photos! :graucho:
  8. can't wait to see pics!

    what color did u get??
  9. What color? :heart:
  10. Don't forget to post pictures! Congrats!
  11. Oh, I can't wait to see pictures, congrats!
  12. i got the black :smile:
  13. unless i got the name confused:confused1:
    oh well, you experts will be able to help me tomorrow or saturday, depending on when it gets here!
    sorry if there was a mix up, i feel like such a n00b!
  14. Don't feel bad. I can't remember all the names. Enjoy your new bag and take lots of pictures :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.