I ordered the Cafe Charlie :)

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  1. Though now I'm having second thoughts about the leather. Those of you with cafe bags, what's the color like? Is it a true neutral? And would you say it's more of a cool or warm color? The pictures of cafe Charlies in the reference area look different - some are warmer than others so it's hard to tell.

    I tend to wear black or jewel tones all the time, never brown, so I'm hoping cafe works as a neutral with that color palette.
  2. I have the cafe charlie and I think it's a great neutral color. I'm like you...I wear black, grey and jewel tones, rarely browns, and cafe really fits in well. I would say it's on the cool side, especially given that it has gunmetal hardware. HTH!
  3. Thanks! It arrived yesterday and I'm in love :smile: It's definitely a neutral color, as you said, but there's enough of a mocha color to it that I think it'll work with warm tones, too. It's a really versatile color.

    I'll take some reveal pictures this weekend and post them.