I ordered something from let trade, how long will it take?

  1. I am in the states, how long will the item take to get to me? Does it come usps?
  2. I received mine within 3 days of them shipping it (they sent me an email with tracking info). It came to me through the USPS. What did you get? :graucho: I got a beautiful Deauville, and was very, very pleased with my let-trade experience! Hope you will be too!
  3. for me I am in Cal and I get it within 2 days.
  4. 3 days. East Coast here.
  5. Yay only 3 days awesome, I was thinking weeks . I got the perle vernis heart purse, now i need the pomme envelope.
  6. 2 1/2 days here from HK to California.
  7. what did you order?
  8. I ordered the perle vernis heart .
  9. They're very, very fast with shipping. I even received things on Sunday.
  10. oh lovely, can't wait to see pics of your heart.
  11. I just order the Epi Gobelins backpack. I'm hoping I'll get mine in the same amount of time. I thought the price was very reasonable.

  12. I also got something and paid it yesterday. I got the Denim Sac Plat. I cant wait . YAY!
  13. Hi! I have the same question. I'm from the Philippines and I requested for 3-day EMS. Payment was received yesterday but I havent received an email from them yet for tracking information. Do they usually send email regarding tracking information? I know they're having problems with their let-trade website but I just checked and their website's okay now.
  14. :crybaby:So you got the vernis heart I've been eyeing.... Ahh well! I'm happy it went to a TPFer, atleast I know it will be loved
  15. did it arrive yet?