I Ordered Some Bags!

  1. Hey guys! Some of you I know from LJ, others I've been stalking from afar :p and lusting after your tokidoki! In any case, hi! *waves*

    So I ordered the last olive camo campeggio and a black camo buon viaggio from Southhampton a few minutes ago! I was going to get a bella bella, but I changed my mind and called back - I think the campeggio would be more useful! And I had to resist the urge to order more, I'm supposed to be saving money, and I'm oh so weak. I'm from Toronto, so I had them shipped to my friend's house!

    And yesterday I got a amore dolce...but I really wanted a ciao. :push:

    Today I'm going to pick up my foresta ciao ciao from the post office, thanks Sharla73!

    Seriously, I have 2 weeks until I leave for my trip to Europe. I can hold off on tokidoki hunting until June, right?
  2. Oh hey, I knew you'd have to show up on TPF sooner or later!

    Damn, now there are going to be two of us wandering around Toronto with foresta ciao ciaos! They're awesome, I loooove mine. :biggrin:

    (I'm Maggie, by the way!)
  3. I gaze at my foresta before I turn the lights off to go to bed. I HAVE ISSUES.
  4. Congrats on your bags, don't forget to post pics & have fun in Europe :biggrin:
  5. Thanks, I will, to both!
  6. Congrats on all your new goodies! Have a great time in Europe.
  7. Ooooh where are you gonna visit? Yey Europe is so much fun!

    One of the girls here once said that when she walks infront of a mirror or a car window she looks at her bag, I found myself doing that today all day long, so we ALL have issues. :wlae:
  8. I'm going to England, Wales, Scotland, France, Germany, and Italy. Shop, shop, shop! If I get my campeggio before I leave, I'm going to bring it with me!
  9. *Sigh*, I want to go back to Europe. I went there on a trip in 2001..but we went to Germany, France, Spain, Austria and Switzerland. Why are you going to Europe? Is it a school trip or something? I went with p2p ambassadors lolz.
  10. Nope, it's just a long overdue vacation! I finally got a decent job, and I'm not taking classes this summer, so I figured I'd go! I was going to go with friends, but everyone bailed. :sad: