I ordered new items with PCE discount, but now I have a moral dilema...please help me

  1. OK, here is the story. Tuesday night I purchased several things (2 bags, umbrella, 2 scarves) using my PCE discount. The SA gave it back to me and told me I could use it again. I received everything Thursday. I decided the Turquoise Ergo wasn't really for me and the umbrella's stripes weren't lined up, so I went in to Coach today to exchange them.
    I brought the umbrella and ergo in WITH the receipt/packaging slip from Jax and gave it to the SA at the register. I reordered the umbrella (hoping for a match this time) and a cross body, the NEW Legacy stripe tote and Concentric striped scarf. They didn't say anything about new items not counting for PCE and just rang it all up, I gave them my PCE card and left happily to await my new items coming with my PCE discount.

    BUT, I started thinking that it should have been more money. So, I got out my calculator and added everything up and realized what had happened.

    They didn't discount my returns with the 25% off. So, in essence, I received the 25% off of the new items, but got full credit for the old items, even thought they were purchased with the PCE 25% discount. She had the receipt/packing slip in her hand.
    The same 2 people who helped me before helped me again, althought they asked someone to ring it up. She is the one I gave the packing slip/receipt to. The manager was there, also, and even went in the back to get me a new catalog! They had all the info!

    What do I do? I did nothing wrong here, but now I feel guilty. Do I call them up and point out their mistake and bring them $114 for there mistake? Do I say nothing, since obviously they didn't realize it?
    I am going to feel like an idiot walking back in there, giving them money for nothing and I am going to feel guilty if I do nothing.
    What do I do?:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. Well, I'm a big believer in karma so if it were me, I'd go back. I've done it before when I noticed that I wasn't charged for something at the grocery store or whatever. However, I've never had a salesperson make a $114 mistake - holy cow!
  3. I would call or go back to the store and point it out. I'm not sure how Coach's return policy on PCE items work (especially if you're then purchasing items that are not under the PCE). At that point, the SA will probably explain to you what happened and if you do indeed owe the $114 or if you're ok.

    And don't feel weird at all for having a conscience. I'm just like that. Last week I went to a store and they failed to ring up an item. I didn't discover it until I was home putting everything away so I just called the store, explained what had happened, and went to pay for it the next day. I know some people would think that its only $10, but still, it would have been wrong IMO for me to keep something that I didn't pay for.

    Good luck and I'm glad that there are still people with a conscience in this world. lol :tup:
  4. Personally, I'd feel too guilty to just leave it alone.

    I'd go back or call and bring it to their attention. Hey there's a chance they might not even want to bother correcting it (something similar happened to me in the past, though not at Coach...I realized I hadn't been charged for a $50 item, called the store. The store manager just laughed and said to keep it, it wasn't worth the effort to correct).
  5. Honestly, did you bring in just the JAX packing slip? or did you just bring in the receipt? Because if you just brought in the packing slip it wouldn't say they you got the 25% off, it would only say the normal price. So the associate ringing would just assume you paid full price.
  6. I brought in the JAX slip and it had no prices on it. Maybe because it was gift boxed for me? (I like the boxes!) Anyway, she had the slip in her hand the whole time, it's not like I was trying to pull something over on anyone. The same people that sold me the items and gave me back my PCE card were standing right next to us, talking about mu purchases and returns. They were helping her do it.
  7. Okay... Honestly - this happened to me at the last PCE, only I caught it when I was still standing at the cash wrap. After we figured out what had happened, they just canceled everything out, and re-rung everything... (With the 25% discount added on the items I'd returned.) Since at least a day has gone by since you were in there, I don't know if they will have go about the situation by doing something different.... BUT....

    I also am a big believer in good karma. I would personally get ahold of the store/manager and see what course of action they would like to take... That's obviously just an opinion though... so.... If it had been a long period of time - say over a year or more, that's different... but since you did catch it fairly soon after it happened... I would contact them. Good luck!! :smile:
  8. OK. I just called them and told them what happened. I knew that was the right thing to do, I just needed to hear it from an objective source. (My husband would have been like, keep the $114).
  9. so what did they say? do you need to go back in?

    you did the right thing :yes:
  10. Oh no! I totally understand, i'm just saying since you only brought it in and the SA didn't have the receipt in front of her where it said you had the discount it might not have been so obvious and she assumed. The other SA's should have said something or whatnot.

    I would just call up and explain the situation to a manager, the thing that will probably happen is they will thank you for bringing this up and they will make sure this isn't something that isn't overlooked again but i'm sure they wouldn't make you come in. But it will feel like a large weight will be lifted off of your shoulders.

    I hope this helps! Good luck :heart:
  11. you did the right thing, you would have felt bad if you had kept it. this happened at the bank one toime to my sister, they cashed her check wrong, so she got something like 20 extra dollars, and she wasn't going to do anything, but later on that night, the lady from the bank called to see if she had gotten the wrong amount back and my sister said yeah she did, and the teller explained that she had done it wrong and it had added up wrong and could she please bring it back in the next day. she did of course, but I somehow think that coach would have noticed... maybe when they did their calculating or something.. anyway you did the right thing!:tup:
  12. Glad you called. I returned a PCE purchase to the outlet, and we were even talking about it being a PCE purchase, and the SA forgot to deduct the 25%. I told her right away and she redid the transaction and thanked me. I know that if I made a mistake like that in my job, I'd appreciate someone pointing it out so I could fix it. :smile: Good job calling them back.
  13. You def. did the right thing!!! What did they say about you being so honest?

  14. When I called back, only the assistant manager was there, not the manager or my SA. She could not believe I called to tell them that and thanked me repeatedly. She wasn't sure what to do, so she said she would call me tomorrow and let me know, but that I would probably have to come in and pay the difference. I said that was fine, but I couldn't until Tuesday, or they could just charge my same card the difference. Anyway, she thanked me about 5 times and said she would work on it and let me know.
    Thanks for everyone's input. I knew that it was the right thing to do. I just needed to actually "say" it outlloud. Know what I mean?

    Thanks again! I'll keep everyone posted.
  15. Oh, one more thing in making my decision to call. They let me order new items with the PCE discount and gave me a new catalog from the back. After being that nice to me, it's almost like I couldn't not call them and tell them!