I ordered my first Chanel pearls today!

  1. Hi Ladies. I saw a gorgeous strand of 35" Chanel pearls with two CC logo's this past weekend in a boutique. The price was $725 plus tax. I wanted to buy them but the hardware was gold, which is not my style. I checked eBay when I got home and found the same with silver hardware but they were listing for $900-over $1000. I posted what I was looking for in "Chanel Shopping" and within an hour, I had my pearls ordered. Did I mention how much I love this web site???? You guys are great. It may be shallow, but I'm a happy girl today!
  2. congrats, you will love them!
  3. vhdos, congrats... I think I know which pearls you're talking about... those are really pretty, congrats!
    Yes, tpf is really great, I'm totally hooked :p
  4. I've found the girls in the shopping forum to be very helpful too. Congrats on your pearls, can't wait to see pictures of them.
  5. yay I love pearls! cant wait to see pics!!
  6. Ohhh, congrats!! :yahoo: Chanel pearls are the best... I love mine! :heart: Can't wait to see pics! :smile:
  7. Congrats on getting the pearls. Please post modeling pics!
  8. Zrusky7: I think the small black Camelia wallet would go great with your small Rock and Chain hobo.
  9. I love the classic pearls! Just wore mine to work today, great choice!
  10. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  11. Congrats! I can't wait to see your pearls. I'm lusting after this myself :drool:
  12. hey thanks, I am thinking of going with the expandable bag instead. I don't like to carry bags in my hands and it is so small.

    I ordered the black expandable with a classic trifold wallet. I will post pictures when I get it...