I ordered my Carly today!!!

  1. So I went to the store to pick up the Large Carly and they didnt have ANY so I ordered it (in Khaki/Gold) and I decided to get it shipped to the store because well, I get packages lost way too often and dont want to loose the bag. Plus it gives me another reason to go back to the store and get something more. Then I wanted the pig charm and they had to give me the display one because they were out...so yes I settled for the little piggie on display eventhough I would have loved to get a new one (the SA said kinda rudley we could order that for you too).

    Now my time to vent:
    The SAs weren't that nice. I was so happy to have it ordered and was even ok getting the display pig and still it was like I got an 'ok whatever get out of here' attitude from 4/5 of them. One guy was nicer to me, but maybe I was just expecting a super nice SA (like Sprinkles or Ms-Whitney).

    I can't wait till my Carly arrives, its my school bag and I am super happy to get it!
  2. aw! That's so horrible, I know we have one SA who has that "whatever" attitude. I've been trying to help her out but it seems like she doesn't care or doesn't want to have my help!
  3. im just glad that there are SAs who ARE nice (ie you) which is why i will still do store shopping whever possible to see if the SAs at the mall drop the attitude.
  4. i just wanna slap some of the sa's that i come across. they drive me absolutely crazy. and i'm quite sure we know more than most of them do!

    anyways...glad you ordered your carly!
  5. I have the large sig Carly in the other two colors *not the one you got* and I LOVE them. Great choice!
  6. I`m tired of SA`s not knowing their merchandise. I`ll ask for something I saw on the website and those chicks are clueless..:shrugs:
  7. Congrats on ordering your Carly!

    There is one SA I usually deal with at the outlet. I go in about once a week, often just to browse. He kind of follows me around and the last time I was looking at clearance, he told me I need to be up front with the good stuff. There was a cute wallet but it was still $99 and I figured for that much I may as well get a legacy wristlet. So I put it back.
    Then last weekend I went in to get 2 gifts and was holding the last pleated black bag. I decided that I wasn't going to purchase it and he said "You always do that" Well, even though I didn't buy a bag, I still dropped $80 in there and really don't want to feel so much pressure. Most of the other SA's are friendly and helpful and don't make me feel like I need to buy something.
    I am hoping if I go in this weekend, it is on his day off!
  8. Oh that sucks!! I'm lucky the SA's at the Coach store here are nice..When I go in I always get chatty with them...They always admire my bags....ANd I don't always wear Coach in there either!! I don't feel pressured to buy either..Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't....If that happened to me...And if it was that 'time' of the month..I would say 'hey-what's up with the attitude?"..I know I would...But I'd say it nicely and sweetly...B/C I'm not mean that way..:heart: Emmy
  9. ^oops! Sorry--I forgot to say Congrats!!!! I have the large Carly in parchment..And I adore it!! It is more stunning on that on the shelf....Post modeling pics when you get it!!! :heart: Emmy
  10. emmy, you're a better person than me! if i go in and it's the wrong time of the month, you can bet that i'll tell the sa exactly what i think of them...(i think the girls at coach picked up on that last time...however, i think macy's got my wrath, lol)
  11. Congratulations.
  12. I can't wait to get the bag. I have had GREAT experiences at the outlet, but I am still hopefull that things will get better.
  13. Congratz on the Carly!

    I have the same one and I LOVE it. It's so cute and slouchy. An all-around classic . . . too bad u got bad lip fromt he SAs though. The SAs by me are also full of attitude. They don't understand COACH items are something special.
  14. I just get so excited to buy my bags and then the SAs kind of burst my bubble.
  15. batgirl...maybe the next time you go in there and they're rude maybe you could say to them.."Hmmmm..You know exactly how to take the excitement out of a new purchase with your snippy attitude don't you!!!!!!"......Is that better kallison?!?! lol!! :heart: Emmy