I ordered it!! I ordered it!!

  1. :yahoo: I ordered my Legacy shoulder bag in pond with matching wristlet!! And I talked to the sweetest Coach SA in the process!! (thanks, thanks, thanks to her!) I could get it as early as tomorrow so if I do I will post pics here!! Yeah!!! :wlae:
  2. I'm so excited for you! I know how much you've been wanting it!
  3. wow!!! that's great!!! congrats!!
  4. can't wait to see pics! i bet it'll be gorgeous!
  5. Great news! Cant wait to see!
  6. Congrats! I bet it's gorgeous - can't wait for pics!
  7. looking forward to pics...post soon!!!!:yahoo:
  8. Ohhhh!! I cant wait to see pics! I am so happy for you, you have had that baby in your sig for awhile now :party:
  9. Yeah! Take pics when it comes!
  10. your gonna love it !

    cha cha
  11. I cannot wait!!! I am so excited for you. And its great to know that you had an amazing SA who made you experience just that much better!
  12. Congrats! They are both so pretty, can't wait to see pics.
  13. :yahoo: you haveeeeee to take pics! :yes:

    i can't wait. hopefully it's tmr ;)

    you truly are the best tloveshim! and totally deserve the "Most likely to blow all their cash in 2007" Coach award.
  14. Good choice! I can't wait for pics too! Can you take one w/ you carrying it? That would be GREAT!! Congrats! :heart: Emmy
  15. yay I cant wait!!!
    Nice to hear you had an awesome SA, thats always a good thing!
    I cant wait to see pictures, i hope you LOVE them!!