I ordered from the NICEST 1866 SA today!!! How to you thank 1866 SAs??

  1. is it possible to send something to 1866 SAs or no?? She was like the SWEETEST woman I have ever delt with with ANY LV purchase! I am gonna request her all the time from now on. Anyone else have a fav. 1866 Vuitton SA??

  2. oops i mean how DO you. lol. my bf just saw that and is making fun of me now.

    and btw today we ordered my Damier Azur Speedy 25! Hooray! Thanks to the BF. And thanks all of you with all your help with my 25-30 quest. I figured Im going to get both of them anyways so might as well get a size i dont have first.
  3. what's the name of ur SA? i dealt with Diana yesterday, she's awesome!!!
  4. I usually order my LVs from eLuxury and a gentleman name Ty (sp?) is very nice and helpful!
  5. I love Cynthia she's awesome!!!
  6. Hmm... to thank them... I guess you can call their manager to tell them they are doing an awesome job?

    Congrats on the new purchase!
  7. thanks! i was dealing with Eva. SUper nice!!
  8. Call the 866 number and tell them you want to send a thank you note to the sales rep who helped you on the phone. They can provide you the address to the rep center. I believe it's in San Francisco. I did this once to a wonderful lady who helped me a few times.
  9. Yup, this is a good idea. :tup:
  10. ooo...i'll do that too!
  11. good idea. do you ask to speak to a manager or just anyone?
  12. I'm glad you had a good experience, but let's get real people. They should ALWAYS be nice and courteous to their customers !!!!!!!!!!! It's their job!
  13. I noticed that there are a bunch of new employees there. I used to speak w/ the same hideous reps and get such bad service...now i noticed that when I call there are totally different people and they are so nice and helpful

    refreshing change:tup:
  14. ITA:tup:
  15. Yes, the 866 reps have been great lately!!! I haven't had a bad one yet.