I ordered a mystery bbag from the Scottsdale NM- help!

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  1. I called the Scottsdale NM looking for a bbag for my daughter, she wanted something other than black or brown, and didn't want a quilted bag- sooo the SA found me a burgundy colored bag with a mirror, tassels and a front pocket approx 14 x 10 inches, with two handles- the original price was $1095. The Sa wasn't familiar with the names of the bags-- so basically I have no idea what I ordered--

    My daughter is hoping it'll be a city or an office, but I think maybe it's a mini-bowling.

    Does anyone know what bag this is? Thanks in advance for your help :smile::tup:
  2. I'm no expert, but isnt that the price of a twiggy?
  3. I think so, but does the new twiggy have a shoulder strap? The mystery bag only has the two handles and no shoulder strap :smile:
  4. I had a twiggy before and it had a shoulder strap..
  5. oh read your post wrong. hmm i dunno then. these sales associates should really learn their merchandise
  6. I totally agree :smile: Brookelynx Thanks for your help :smile:
  7. It almost certainly the mini bowling. They are part of the sale. The mini bowling is on sale for $720 and the regular bowling for $793. I called a lot of NMs this last weekend and they were all sold out of this bag. Of course out of the few I didn't call, Scottsdale and Denver had them today!

    The mini bowling is very cute but doesn't have the celebrity cache of the City or twiggy. Here's more info on the MB:
  8. thanks for your help adoptastray! It looks like a really cool bag, and it's really stunning in the Grenat color. I think she'll like it.
  9. It is a cutie! I was able to find it in black and grenat. LOL, there are already some people selling them at a markup from the Neiman's sale price on ebay!

    I have the City bag and as much as I love it, I do find myself fighting with the dangling strap and "ears" sometimes. The mini bowling is simpler to carry. I hope they continue to produce it in the future!
  10. Sounds like the bowling not mini bowling. Think the bowling retails for $1095 and I know the mini retails for $1075. Whatever it is, hope she loves it.
  11. The bowling retails $1,185 (I'm almost certain) and Neiman's marked the bowling down to $793 (1/3 off of $1,185). I found this out this last weekend when I kept trying to tell a sales associate over the phone that the mini b she was describing to me should be $720 (1/3 off of $1,075) on sale. We finally figured out we were talking about 2 different bags. LOL, I learned the pricing only after spending waaay too much time on the phone hunting for the mini b!

    Z&J, congrats on finding the mini b you were looking for!!