I Ordered a Hudson on BBOS but Can't Tell What Color it is...

  1. I have wanted a Hudson for a loooooong time, but had resigned to the fact that when I wanted it I couldn't afford it and when I could afford it I couldn't find one. So, when I saw that there was one on BBOS in the outlet store, I knew my time had come. The problem is that the picture is kinda strange looking, and I can't tell which color it is. The picture makes it look red, but I didn't think there was a red one. I bought it because I can't find them anywhere else for the price, or anywhere at all really. Any help would be appreciated!

  2. Chestnut - I was eyeing the same one!! LOVELY BAG :heart:
  3. Thanks!!

    So is the chestnut color really this red IRL?
  4. congrats! i would love to own a hudson!
  5. From other pictures online, the chestnut looks more like this (I thought)

  6. Thank you so much for the links, they are really helpful :tup:
  7. best bag! :rochard:
  8. this bag has a ton of admirers. the chestnut w/black stripes is beautiful! congrats!
  9. Great choice!!! That color is amazing :love:
  10. Thanks everyone :smile: I can't wait to get it. I will post pictures as soon as it comes!

    I hope BBOS's shipping is lightning fast!
  11. best bag ever!!!! the second link someone posted is of my bag that I purchased from BBS.....i took a second look at those photos I posted and realized they don't do the bag justice- it really is SO UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous in real life!!! CONGRATS!!!!
  12. Gorgeous bag--one of my favorite MJ bags!
  13. Yes, that is one of the best bags ever. Definitely a good choice. Can't wait to see pics.
  14. this bag is perfection.