I opened the wallet....You will NEVER believe this!!!!!!!

  1. OK everybody...It's Emmy....I just opened my Gucci box which of course is my beautiful brown guccissima wallet..I will post pics later....However as I mentioned in an earlier post..the box was HUGE...In MY box was a pair of mens shoes!!!! I'm like what the....I saw the shoe box and thought ..OMG...But I opened it and inside was a pair of mens athletic shoes..(I doubt GUCCI calls them 'neakers!!) I almost s**t my pants! So I called Gucci...THe gentlemen was SO perplexed as to how this happened..Actually I feel AWFUL for the other customer!!! My Gucci envelope containing all my paperwork and the other customer's envelope..(including their shipping label!!) was in the same box..I had to give the man all their info....and UPS is picking the package up tomorrow.....NOW GET THIS!!!! He is sending me a free gift!!! Woo-hoo!!! I told him what I already have that is Gucci so as not to replicate my collection! (hehehe!) He laughed and was just so grateful that I called and that I was honest...I DID tell him that I HAD to eyeball these shoes..I mean c'mon! He said he understood....The gentleman was a charm too!!! I still can't believe the mix up! Are you dying? And I feel just horrible for the other customer...What do you think the free gift will be? OMG I'm freaking out!!!! :heart: Emmy
  2. OK I just looked at the shoes again..No lie..judging from the size of these shoes...!!!! THIS guy is :blush: ...Do you know where I'm going with this???? :heart: Emmy
  3. EMMY - You're so funny.

    Anyway, I'm glad you're getting a free gift. Not sure what it would be. Probably a keychain or something like that. Whatever it is, you'll love it. It will be free and we all love free stuff.

    I am ordering the same wallet that you're expecting. I just bought a Guccissima Chocolate Leather Princy Bag yesterday at the Gucci Boutique in Charleston. I love it so much and can't wait to get the wallet. I'll post pics tonight.
  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH! Hope you get a big box too!!!! Congrats! It smells soooooo good! :heart: Emmy
  5. Emmy! What a time you're having with Gucci stuff this past few weeks! haha.. so many stories to tell!

  6. Yeah! Tell me about it!!! Oh well....Never a dull moment on this end....!!! :heart: Emmy
  7. wow...i wonder what the free gift is?? please post when you get it!!
  8. hahahaha!!!!!

    omg the same thing happened to me, as I already told you...I was offered something for my inconvinence also, but I never sent the wallet back muhaha.

    also the same thing happened with a chanel order, they sent it to a wrong address and said they would send me a free gift, but it was NOTHING...I never got crap lol
  9. I bet the free gift is a gift certificate.. but I am dying to know what it really is.. KEEP US POSTED :smile:

  10. Oh you KNOW I'll keep you posted! :heart: Emmy
  11. Emmy, you are so funny! I can't wait to see pics of your new wallet! We're all very happy for you and your new goodies! :smile:
  12. Wow.. that is messed up, how do you mix that up ! Anyways, I hope your gift is something good ! :yes:
  13. I bet it'll be a card case, or an umbrella, or maybe a little pouchette-sized bag.
  14. wow thats crazy, kind of good that it happened in a way since you get a free item now!
  15. wow! I'm curious as to what it is as well.. This is so not on the same scale but I ordered footpetals and I received my order as well as someone else's larger footpetals order. I called right away. They let me keep the other person's order and sent me a one of their gift sets. I think I got at least $45 in free merchandise from my moment of honesty...It was pretty nice considering my own order was less than that.

    I'll have to remember too look for this thread again when I get back from vacation to see what you got!