I opened a box and...

  1. As you've probably gathered from various posts on tPF, I lost my mother last year (almost to the day). Yesterday, my dad and I were digging through boxes of stuff she'd accumulated over the year when my dad found these:











    I feel a little mad and a little sad because the scarves are beautiful but I wish my mother was around to tell me about them. I would have rather have looked at them on her than possess them myself.
  2. And some more










  3. Keep them, Perja. They'll always remind you of her.
  4. Perja they are so beautiful.
    She had very exquisite taste, your mother.
    All of them are invaluable and so so precious.
    Worth more than anything~

    Thank you for sharing them with us. :flowers:
  5. OH my lord...they are beautiful...please keep them, remember her, and think of her whenever you see them. Those are the things in life that are priceless. Thank you so much for showing us...and sharing.
  6. Those are gorgeous Perja and even more special because they were your mom's. Thank you for sharing them with us. I know what you mean, I lost my grandmother (who raised me) four years ago in June and as much as I love having her china, I wish she was still here using it herself.
  7. Wow, Perja, those are soooo beautiful! Keep them and take care of them! Cherish them, you will always remember your beautiful mother, and the good times with her.
  8. What a beautiful collection!!!! I'm sure your mother is very happy that you've inherited them.:flowers: Use them, keep them, take good care of them, definitely wear them proudly!:yes:
  9. Thanks everyone. I do love them so and wouldn't part with them. My mother was so stylish. Today, I walked through a train station and remembered that last time I'd been there with her (she'd picked me up from another station and dropped me at that one to help me catch my train connection). It made me so sad that I thought I'd cry.

    Anyways, won't ramble about that.

    What's the best way of cleaning them? Some of them have storage stains (yeah, kept in boxes for nearly 20 years doesn't do them any good). Dry cleaners?
  10. How bittersweet... I'm sure your mother was saving them so carefully to pass them on to you. Know that part of your mother lives on in grace when you wear/look upon her scarves.
  11. Oh god...I soooooo get that feeling of being somewhere and memories FLOOD through your blood...and tears are just THERE. It happens to my husband and I allllll the time regarding my Dad...Im sorry...(well I am but Im not...its our way of remembering them...and I never want to forget.) XX
  12. wow.

    thank you for sharing such an unexpected and emotional experience. did you have any idea she had these? as a mother, myself, i was very moved by your post.
  13. They're beautiful Perja. I'm sorry your mother isn't here in person to tell you about them, but she'll always be in your heart. She sounds like she was a very precious person.
  14. Wow - an amazing find - enjoy them along with the wonder of how she may have acquired them!
  15. They are so very beautiful Perja :heart: What a precious gift.