i only went to look...but i had a little spending accident (*pics*)

  1. today i went to ikea to buy some storage for my bags...you k now those cute glass display cabinets, well they were all out and i was a bit bummed because it took over an hour to get there so on the way home love of my life offered to take me to louis just to look at some of the bags i was having trouble choosing between.KEY WORD LOOK"".
    so we got there and i had a look around the mc i liked wasnt there but the others were and when i saw them i felt very blah about them all. untill i saw one that i have always loved but forgot about, and she was winking at me from the shelf. i tried her on and we fit like a puzzle, then i put on an accessory to dress her up and i fell in love. and before i knew it love of my life darling hubby was buying her for me.:nuts:

    so the whole point to that long story was i went to buy a $200 cabinet and wound up with$1765 louis purchase.:roflmfao:


    i finally have my hamstead and ive loved this bandeau for ages, i plan on teaming hamstead with my mirage bandeau and pastels keyring:yahoo:
  2. Very nice. I LVoe when those spending "accidents" happen. ;)
  3. They are both beautiful, congrats!!!!
  4. Congrats .. did you look at the limelight?? I think one of the new pomme cles would be VERY cute with your new bag;)
  5. OMG Caitie congrats!! love your DH for bringing you to LV to "look"! LOL love love love the hampstead - i've been drooling over that and the berkeley for a looooooong time :smile: Is that a PM or MM?
  6. Glad to see some unique purchases for the forum! Very Pretty!
  7. They look great.. I love the hamstead!!!
  8. What a wonderful DH - not only willing to take you to ikea for purse storage cabinets (mine rolls his eyes at the idea,) but then to LV when you can't do that and THEN buys you something. He's TOPS in my book.

    And I love the Hamstead, I keep putting her off for LE's, but she is just adorable and will look great with your mirage bandeau!
  9. ah yes accidents!! i'm staging my little LV "accident" this sunday.. i know disaster will strike once i walk into the store... congrats on the hampstead and the bandeau!! love them both! and what a sweet DH you have!!
  10. congrats !
  11. Awww your DH is a sweetie!
    Congrats on your 2 beautiful pieces!
    I'm hoping for a little "accident" aswell at the end of this month :p
  12. Very nice...Congrats!
  13. Lucky girl... Congrats with your purchases.
  14. Congrats!
  15. congrats! those accidents are the best ;)