I only stepped away for a few seconds....

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  1. Fedex arrived this afternoon (not Shopmom's hunky Fedex guy), but anyone bringing me a big orange box is gorgeous in my eyes !

    Anyway, I unpacked the box, stepped away for a few seconds to model my new beauty, and this tableau was before me when I returned. The furbabies love Hermes too !

  2. Awwwww...... that's so cute!!!!, NOW, SHOW US YOUR NEW BAG!!
  3. OMG too too funnnnny!!!! i wanna see this new bag of urs too!!!
  4. Bless those kitties how cute! And what was in the orange box?
  5. OMG!!!! This is such a hysterical photo!!!!!!! That baby in the bag MUST be your new avatar, L!!!!!!

    um........what bag???????
  6. ...and please don't tell me you make your bed every morning like this......I'm beginning to have a complex.............
  7. cutie kitties~~~~~~~~
    soooooo cute!!
    cannot wait to see your bag though~hahahaha
  8. too cute!

    where is your bag? :yahoo:
  9. Too cute..! Love the one in the dust bag!

    Must see bag!!!
  10. The kitty on the right looks left out of the party!
    They are adorable cats HL!!

    Now, wheres the bag??????????????
  11. SM, I must confess I really have quite an obsession about bed linens, one day I'll post a photo when the bed is in 'company' mode. I have a room for my bed linens vintage lace, crochet, monogrammed, etc. I could have purchased a Birkin & a Kelly instead. This is everyday mode ( excepting the orange box, of course). :shame:
  12. OK....now I'm going to go tidy up my bedroom and iron the pillowcases!!!!!!

    and just what came in that big orange box NOT delivered by a hunky Fedex man?????????????
  13. OMG LOL!!! They are adorable...hmmmmm the box??!!!
  14. Oh my gosh!!! I am dying--your cats are too cute!!!! What an adorable pic!! Oh yea....where's the bag?????
  15. Maybe it was a kitty named Hermes and not a bag at all??!!!