I only saw it once! Need help!

  1. Hi everyone! I hope I've come to the right place for some help. Last night I was out for dinner and at the table next to me was a woman with a gorgeous Chanel bag hanging off her chair. Now without being too nosey, I did my best at inspecting it. Will someone please help tell me the name of it, or a clear pic so I can bring it into a store? :sad:

    It was black, square, quilted, the quilts had white stitching, the C's were black but also had white stitching, the straps were plain black straps..this may sound confusing, but there are usually two straps on a purse, but the straps were doubled, like there were 4... two on each side, but they connected at the purse. It was fairly big. Not hobo type at all, but more square... umm... I cant think of anything else...I hope someone can help me!

  2. so is it like a tote bag? what is the size? i'm thinking totes from cambon line. but i haven't seen white stitching on black from that collection... hmmm...
  3. Can you check eBay to see if you can find something like you saw last night?
  4. Sounds like the cambon tote. Their straps are doubled. Try a search on ebay for cambon totes and see if that is the style you saw.
  5. ^Cambons don't have contrasting stitching though, very few Chanel's do.
  6. all i can think of is the

    large 255 with the contrast stitching from a while back.....

    is the straps coming out of four holes out of the top of the bag?

    was it a flap?
  7. Okay, to answer some questions..
    There was no flap just an opening at the top
    Tes, the straps were coming out of the holes...
    I looked on ebay and found nothing. I called every store I can think of...
    is it possible that it was a knock-off? I could have sworn that I heard her talking about how that particular Chanel bag was "the new thing" ...like it may not be "new" but its getting "in" or popular right now.
  8. okay, so these are the closest pics I could get to what I wanted. Are these fakes? Is there a real style like this? The stitching I want is more like the second one here...it was black bag with white stitching...


  9. the top one is fakee a girl at my school has it, i hate it!

    still dont know anything though sorry
  10. Were the straps like the ones on this Chanel?
  11. yeah, the straps were done through the holes like the pic you are showing...
  12. those pictures are fakes! be careful