I only own accessories

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  1. I am loving the purple patent trim I saw today. Wow. But I need suggestions for what purse to start with. I want to get a bag for Christmas and need to let dh know now :idea:

    I've purchased Coach purses as gifts, but I've never kept one for myself.

    My teeny tiny Coach family is made up of the makeup bag I got today, Heritage Stripe in red.
    Signature Stripe wristlet:[​IMG]

    Hot pink Soho Minisignature Large Wristlet. Here it is in purple:

  2. I am still a Coach newbie and I started with a medium heritage sig tote and love it for it's roominess and versatility. Last week I also bought a black Soho leather hobo, and I love that, too. I suggest you poke around the forum and you will see a mind-boggling array of Coach bags in every style and color. And if you're like the rest of us, it will soon be a matter of narrowing your choices versus expanding them ;).
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes, narrowing will be the issue. I LOVED the purple trim I saw, and just repeating it is fun!!:P I saw a great bag, but it was too big...I just know I'll fill it to capacity and ache from lugging it around.
  4. ITA that purple is yummy! And too true about the excess baggage we impose upon ourselves from overfilling our purses :yes:
  5. Well I think you have to narrow it to how you want to carry it and then the fabric. Hand, shoulder, or cross body/long strap to hang off shoulder. Then do you want signature fabric or leather. So many choices! I have just started my collection. My sister started me with a hobo bag that is very comfy, I have a cross body bag, and a leather tote. Love each one for it's own reasons. And, like you said, think about the size/weight of the bag. I've seen some beautiful bags, but they are way too heavy for me.
  6. That does help. Fabric. I like the fabric, and it is lighter, which helps with chronic pain issues...and not that I don't LOVE leather, because I do. But for an everyday bag, fabric. And shoulder or cross body...not sure...do any have both?
  8. you want purple patent you say??!!!!! I LOVE purple patent...how about this little beauty??? She even has her matching friends!!


    oh and I have that wrislet in purple!!! what a beauty!
  9. That's gorgeous!!! Thank you for the pic.