I only needed ONE new bag...tpf doubles my desire!

  1. Hi everybody
    i am new here:happydance: .....if i post wrong stuff on the wrong page......apologize in advance
    there are soooo many threads and sooo many things in this forum.
    first time i came in here, i was :blink:
    now im about to set tpf as my automatic homepage:love:

    I only wanted to buy one bag for travel. I decided to get a Geronimos
    (First was gonna get a secondhand but now i've changed my mind)

    ok, with all the introduction of myself, here is what i hope to get from you ladies. I need advice

    I want a new bag. A hand-held bag. I looked at the catalogue and the gorgeous bags you have here. I can't believe it. I think I just fell in love with LV.
    The bags i am thinking of are
    1. Alma long in mini monogram - its discontinued, right? Blue or red?
    2. Popincourt
    3. denim speedy
    (Actually i want all of them, but which one should i get first?)
    Plzzzzzzzz feel free to give other suggestions....i dont think i have seen the whole collection yet.
    I also need a new wallet:wlae:
    1. Koala wallet - I think I want this most. But I cannot decide on whether I should get damier azur, damier ebony, white multicolour or zipped compact groom
    2. french purse
    3. zipped purse (I have a zippy organizer in mono. i like it bcz it holds a lot....so am considering a similar but smaller one)

    Thanks for your all help~~~
  2. eww,.. your in trouble!!!

    When I first came here I was a die hard LV fan, now I have moved onto Hermes,.... get the pic?
  3. O BTW, Welcome!!!!! :party:
  4. hmmm.... either denim speedy or the popincourt
  5. Welcome...we all know that feeling. Do you want more casual or classic?

    If casual I would go for denim....is classic mono.
  6. monogram speedy or mayb an azur!
  7. Welcome!
    Denim Speedy or Popincourt.
    All Koala are tdf so that's a tought choice.
  8. for the bag...i vote for the alma (still a classic style and it's handheld)...for the wallet...french purse (just the right size) :yes:
  9. Hmmm....I love the denim speedy but for your first I would recommend the mono speedy (25, 30 or 35....depending on what size you prefer). The popincourt is veryyyy cute...oh god and I love the alma too! I am no help.....I love ALL of them!
  10. welcome!


    and zipped purse wallet ;)
  11. I'm a big lover of my Popincort, but I do think the Alma long is a great style, you don't see either of them around much and they're both great handheld bags :biggrin:
  12. I'd go with the denim neo speedy and the white MC Koala wallet :yes:
  13. I think you should get a Mono Speedy. And a Mono Koala Wallet. Maybe you'll prefer White MC Koala Wallet?
  14. tough call.........!
    think im gonna go for popincourt bcz easier maintenence
    once i learn how to look after ur baby (changing from a baby to babies soon) i will consider neo speedy again
    then long alma (when i can find one)

    im sooo indecisive of the wallets.......
    Which koala should i get? I want them all........
    then there is a zipped compact groom as well
    ............why dont they just have one to choose from?............

    thanks for all your advice
    now i see what we have in common.........love for LV!!! YAY
  15. Since you're getting the PH, I'd suggest you get the Mono Koala Wallet to match