I only have two MJ bags, but I love them both SOOOOO much, it's ridiculous!!! *PICS*

  1. Yes, so as the title says: I only have two MJs!! But I love them both SO much. I can't even explain how much I love them.


    My first bag was the Bal Harbour in Eggshell which is just ..... *DROOL*
    I love the color & the leather & the style & EVERYTHING about it.
    I first saw it online & just fell in LOVE with it & couldn't help myself but to buy it.

    My second MJ is the STAM in Cashew.
    I wasn't sure because I thought the Stam would be a little too big for me but then I got it in the mail & I loved the color & LOVED the style of this bag too! Especially the kisslock! TOO CUTE :heart:


    Okie, just wanted to share ^_^

    I'm thinking about buying another MJ.
    But I only buy bags that I'm ABSOLUTELYYYYYYY in love with.
    Haha, and I haven't seen one yet.
    These two make me so happy!!! =D Hahaha:shame:
  2. :nuts: I LOVE your bags!! I really like the one on the left!! I mostly have Chloes, but all of a sudden....like over night....I have the intense urge to get a Stam!!
  3. If you don't mind me asking where did you get your stam, and was it a great deal!?!
  4. cute :biggrin:
  5. Love your cashew Stam! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
    Congratulations on both your MJs!
  6. Love your bags! Of course you are thinking about getting another one.... I am the same way. Love the MJ! I own a stam in Stone, loves it!
  7. wow gorgeous!
  8. What a fam! So pretty!
    I'm glad you were able to get the chain fixed. That cashew color is just stunning:love:.
  9. Just love the Bal Harbour! :love:
  10. Your stam is sooooooooooooo pretty!! Love both -
    Careful w/ MJ...it goes from small to big pretty quickly
  11. Your bags are absolutely stunning - Your MJ collection is off to a VERY good start w/2 very popoular styles in absolutely gorgeous colors!! Did you find those recently? Where did you get them??

    I had told my self (once upon a time!) that one Stam would be enough & if I ever got lucky enough to find one (on sale!), I'd never need another one -- well, I am now the proud owner of THREE!!! The colors produced are so hard to resist that it's easy to purchase more than one!! If you come across a bag/color that you just love there's no reason to deny yourself just because you already have that style in another color -- that's part of the fun of being a "collector"!!

    You know, the more I see the Bel Harbour, the more attracted to it I am. I really didn't know much about this bag until recently, since coming across quite a few on eBay - Besides Black & Eggshell, what other colors did this bag come in? I think I might just have to add this one to my "Want List"!!

    Congrats again on your beautiful bags!
  12. i can see why! your bags are hot. that bal harbour satchel is very sexy. :nuts:
  13. Great bags, enjoy them.
  14. Gorgeous and wonderful collection. I adore the Bal Harbour and have always wanted one....
  15. Absolutely gorgeous collection