I only get one bag...

  1. So I only get to pick out one bag for my holiday gift (has to be around $400)... I found a bourbon pebbled sienna on eBay for around that price (authenticated on another thread)... should I buy it? Do you think I can wear it year-round? I don't have any other designer bags, so whichever bag I buy I need to make it a good one (one I can wear year-round and for many years). Thanks so much!!!:smile:
  2. That is a tough one. Let's talk. Do you want long straps? Does weight of bag factor into this decision? Obviously you want a year round, you stated that. And the color should be neutral, right? Size? big? medium?
  3. I do want long straps, I tried it on in NM last call (but they only had the black) and I loved the fit/look. Yes, neutral color, or one that can be year-round. Thanks so much for being my bag therapist :smile:
  4. I did it! I found one at a different NM last call and ordered it for 375. I can't wait to get it, thanks for your help!!
  5. ^Congrats lola! Can't wait to see it when it arrives!
  6. Hey, Lola, that's wonderful news. Definitely can't wait for you to receive her and give us an update and hopefully some pics.
  7. Lola, hope you love your Sienna! It's a nice size for everyday wear.
  8. The bourbon Sienna is a wonderful bag. You will love it. Be sure to go to www.wilsonsleather.com, buy a 4 oz. pump spray bottle of TLC for $8 and give a double whammy treatment before using it. It will help keep the leather pliable and help guard against scratches, stains and water spots. After the initial double dose, you can give it a maintenance single dose annually. I use it on my bags and they all still look new and in fact, I got caught in a deluge this summer with one of my Siennas and it looked like I had thrown it in the pool. When I got back to the hotel room (I was attending a business seminar), I pulled everything out, pulled up the lining outside the bag and let it dry for 3 days. It still looks new. Who would have ever thought? So, get you some TLC.
  9. Thanks everyone!! Should be getting here soon! :yahoo:
  10. Did you get it yet?? Do you :heart:love:heart: it?!

  11. It came!! It has a few tiny scratches, and at first I wasn't sure, but now I am in L:love:VE!! If anyone else is looking for the sienna in bourbon, just call the NM Last calls in Texas, I think all of them had it (when I called two weeks ago) and they will ship it to you! Thanks for all of y'all's support :smile:
  12. Lola, any pictures you'd like to share? We all love to drool over gorgeous Koobas.
  13. Glad you love your Sienna. It a a classy bag that you will love forever. Great first choice bag!