I officially have Cabin Fever. Reverted to a 5 year old dressing up w/new-ish H toys.

  1. I have officially gone stir crazy and need to get the H out of Michigan.

    I am leaving for Palm Beach :yahoo:in a couple of weeks and I have spent the past few days picking out my outfits.

    I got a couple of new H toys, so I was trying them out in a few different ways. One is a pair of sandals with scarf rings, which obviously go with just about anything, and the other is the Hapi 3 wrap bracelet. I adore this bracelet, not only because it's H and smells like a dream, but for the for the fact that it can be worn three different ways.

    Outfit 1 is a blue dress from gap with the Hapi as a belt, with a See by Chloe white jacket and the H sandals.

    Outfit 2 is a "beach cover-up" Pucci dress with the same sandals and the Hapi worn as a necklace.

    Do these outfits look good the way they are? Or should I just wear the Hapi for it's intended use?

    What do you think!?!?!

    (also, please excuse my ridiculously messy closet)
    IMG_4152.JPG IMG_4153.JPG IMG_4155.JPG IMG_4161.JPG
  2. Adorable as a belt. Don't love it as a necklace (sorry!) but your pucci is also adorable. I am confused about the sandals. Are they H or did you put your scarf rings on them? I love the style of the sandal and would love to see a close up!!
    Have a wonderful vacation.
  3. Ohh lala! I like it as both a belt and necklace! Very nice!
  4. I like it better as a belt. I love both outfits you wear it well!
  5. Maggie: Here is a close-up of the sandals. They are H. They have 3 attached scarf rings.

    Hello: You are so sweet!
  6. The sandals are so cute. Are they in stores now? I have never seen these. Love them, need them NOW!
  7. I like both outfits! The necklace is fine.
  8. I actually found them on eBay (SHHHH) a while back. They are really gorgeous, butter soft leather. Good luck in procuring a pair!

    Thank you, all of you, for your opinions!
  9. You look great in everything! Have a great time in Palm Beach!
  10. Love your closet, love the Hapi, love the sandals, love how you mix Gap, Chloe & Hermes. Nice ensemble. Have fun at Palm Beach!
  11. Thank you Lyanna, Duchess, and Plum Blossom! You are all too sweet!

    Now I really can't wait to leave!
  12. k, beautiful purchases! :smile:
    Have a great and safe trip. :smile:
  13. Love your outfits! The Hapi bracelet is indeed versatile and I love your sandals!
  14. Lovely outfit. Enjoy your trip!
  15. You look gorgeous, love all the goodies, they complement you!!