I OFFICIALLY give up ALL HOPE of getting a good nanny..

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  1. #3 nanny BITES THE DUST.
    Im so upset.........................took me 4 weeks to train her.........she was perfect...
    WELL..........UNTIL i checked the nanny cam from when i went away.....
    (can u say STRANGE MAN IN MY HOUSE???????????AND UPSTAIRS???yes,Im not kidding)

    seriously..I will have NO LIFE from now on because i NO LONGER TRUST ANY AND ALL SITTERS/Nannies.IM DONE

    I was shaking when i saw the tapes.beyond betrayed and shocked....and now changing sheets upstairs....

    I GIVE UP.No more sitters....Im gonna have no social life and i dont care.UGH
    Thanks for letting me vent....im so pissed.....:mad::cursing::rant:
  2. Sorry to hear that, Jill. I would be furious.
  3. awww jill, that sucks. i'm sorry :sad:
  4. Ack! I am so glad you have the nanny cam, though, so you know these things! I wonder how many people believe they have the "perfect" babysitter, nanny or childcare provider when things like this are actually happening? I am so sorry that none of your nannies have worked out so far!
  5. every mom should have a nanny cam.
  6. Thank God for nanny cams!! My Mom and Dad are the only ones that watch Kamryn besides my husband and myself of course. I just don't trust anyone else! People have severe issues!
  7. I would SO make her watch that friggen video and make her buy you a new set of sheets, UGH! That is so nasty!!!
  8. Yikes!
  9. Are you trying to tell us that she was getting it on with some man in your house :nuts: while she was supposed to be watching your kids, OH MY GOODNESS. I have always been afraid of nannies, that is why I chose a small daycare for Kayla, so sorry you have to experience this.
  10. ^she tried to deny it too...LOL........
    I swear to god,these girls these days have NO COMMON SENSE.(and shes in MEdical school!!!!!!!)what a stupid girl.
  11. Yup! Reliable, honest, trustworthy, responsible childcare is SO hard to come by. I haven't had much of a life since my first was born over 5 years ago!!!! As they get older, it's getting a little easier. I figure it's all part of the sacrifices of becoming a parent.
  12. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Do you have the actual "act" on tape or just an inference that is what went down?
  13. OMG I can't believe that!!!!!!!!!! We are interviewing Nannys at the moment and it makes me not want to bother! grrrrrr I wonder if theres any type of legal proceedings you can bring against her, like Child endangerment? (sp)
  14. What about an Au Pair?
  15. ugh!
    I had the BEST nanny ever made, we truly loved her. . . then she just had to have her own baby :rolleyes:
    She's moving to Pennslyvania, is that close enough? LOL!

    Do you go to church or have friends that do? Look at the gals working in the nursery ;)