I obviously have a problem ... I heart Reade!!

  1. So, I wasn't going to post my new bag because I'm not supposed to be buying anything :sweatdrop: but technically this was a trade, so it's all good, right? Plus I'm stuck at home with the chicken pox and bored (yes, at 24), so I took some funny pics.

    I figure people have multiple speedies, it's okay for me to have reades, right??

    Here is Miss Peppermint Reade!


    Now I have obtained 4 in the past year ... fuchsia (4/06), bronze (12/06), indigo (2/07), and peppermint (4/07). Hah!!

    So, we had a little photoshoot :jammin:



    4r1.jpg 4r2.jpg 4r3.jpg
  2. Such happy, brilliant colors!!!:love: I love the Reade style too!! Your Reade family is fabulous!!:nuts:
  3. Gorgeous bags. You have quite a collection. Congrats!!
  4. There GORGEOUS!
    You have my fav's - the fuchsia and indigo are my absolute favorite vernis colors.
    Thank you for the pics :smile:
  5. whoo hoo!They look so beautiful together! CONGRATS!
  6. Whoa, that's a lot of Reades! ; )
  7. :woohoo: They are all great, but that bronze just stands out in a crowd!!
  8. love the famiy photo! congrats!
  9. Very nice... Congrats to you
  10. OMG I love your Reade collection!! So colourful...now you need pomme, Robert Wilson orange, baby blue, and purple to complete the rainbow! :nuts: (I counted bronze as yellow!)
  11. oh wow!!! i loooove your reade's!! the framboise one is really cuuute!!! i'd like to own one one day...far from today though..lol
  12. wow! Congrats!
  13. It's so fun to have a collection of the same style! A colour for any occasion! :yes:
  14. They look great! I hope you feel better!
  15. Love your reade family