I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

  1. This movie is so hilarious!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    I thought it was going to be a little stupid but I swear I have never laughed so much in a movie!

    And to everyone who has seen it all I have to say is "circle" lmao! Oh god that guy was killing me!
  2. My friends really want to see this but I told them I would pass. I'm very surprised it came out 1st in the box office. Maybe I'll give it a try after all.
  3. I am wondering if the gay community is offended by the premise of this film at all. I have not seen it yet but from what I understand it pokes a lot of fun at gays...just sounds like a little much for me. For the life of me I can not understand the popularity of Sandler and his movies. Maybe it is the everyman quality about him..or the guy that never grows up. I did like him in a more serious movie, Punch Drunk Love a few years back.
  4. ^^ It actually isn't as offensive about homosexuals as I thought it was going to be. In fact I found it to be a little pro-gay and it instead portrayed the people against homosexuality in a bad light. But that's just my opinion. The message I got from it overall was that everyone should be treated equally no matter what your sexual preference is (and that's what I believe!).
  5. THat's good to hear...I am sure my teenaged kids will want to see this and I strongly preech tolerance in my house...thanks for the info.
  6. ^ I agree. I say to anyone wondering... see it before judging it. ;)

    Many of my friends are homo/bisexual and some of them are offended by the film, others aren't. I think it's how you take it, whatever your orientation.

    I saw this with a friend a couple nights ago and thought it was incredible hilarious and SMART. As one writer at the Village Voice in NYC said, it goes one step farther than Brokeback whose main viewers were female or homosexual whereas this movie targets those who normally wouldn't care about such things. At the end of the movie, even if a little cheesy, the message is really about acceptable, tolerance, and understanding.
  7. I'm really looking forward to seeing this. From what I've heard, it's not meant to be offensive but rather pro-gay. Either way, I really like Sandler's movies and I'm definitely seeing it when it opens here.

    I agree with kalodie1. Punch Drunk Love was a great change in what you usually see from Sandler.
  8. I thought this was super funny. Not a movie to take kids to though. A lot of people had little kids with them.
  9. ^ I agree, definitley not a movie for kids since there was sex (albeit funny sex) everywhere. This lady behind me had her toddler with her which while the kid is most likely not going to remember the movie was still a little weird. Her toddler was adorable though lol.
  10. I just saw this and all I can say is Ving Rhames singing "I'm Every Woman" was the best scene!!! Plus Dave Matthews makes a cameo. :roflmfao: This is not a homophobic film. It may suggest stereo types and be over the top at times, but I think it has a positive message.

    BTW, I don't get the appeal of Adam Sandler. In this movie he is considered a sex symbol. :sick: I have never liked his movies. I really enjoyed Kevin James though. Maybe I have a fat fetish LOL
  11. Can't wait to see this. I love adam sandler and kevin james. They are both so funny!

  12. ^^^^
    As long as people arent offeneded , like when Jack Black did that movie with Gwen Paltrow about being fat (can't remember the name).....
    I think its pure entertainment, I guess no matter what, someone will get offended!!
  13. just saw it! so funny! i don't think i've ever heard my bf laugh that loudly
  14. Adam Sandler a sex symbol? That must be a joke too.

    Shallow Hal.
  15. I saw this with my mom on Friday and we laughed sooooo much!! We loved it!