I now have both my VP's (black and nude) but... HELP!

Jun 24, 2008
Los Angeles
The good news first...I received my patent nude VP's with nude tip today from the Horatio boutique, and I just bought a pair of VP's in black leather with red toe about a week or so ago. I LOVE LOVE both of them, they are gorgeous, but they hurt soooo bad!!! I wore the black one's out the other night for probably less than an hr. and had to change into flip flops because my right heel was totally raw on the back in a circular area. What do you ladies do about this??? The size is right...so I'm thinking wearing socks with them probably wont help? I am wayyyy too scared to wear the patent nude ones now because it seems I've read patent is even worse for comfort! Any suggestions? I did go out and buy some of those band aid blister things, so maybe that will help. I can't try them out until my poor raw heel heals. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Also, does this typically happen to you ladies?? Do they cut your feet up?
Thanks!!! :smile:


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Nov 8, 2006
it sounds like there's too much rubbing from the shoe at the back of your heel. depending on how much room there is between your heel and the shoe, you can try heel grips (apara, foot petals, etc) which are thicker, or moleskin, which is super thin.

so sorry to hear this but i think it's fixable! don't lose hope!
Mar 5, 2008
^^I think the Band Aids will help. I personally have not had this happen to me, but I'm thinking that maybe the shoes are just a tiny, tiny bit too big, which is why they are slipping a bit.


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Dec 6, 2006
That happened to me the first time I wore my gold ballets. It hurt so bad, I was ready to give up on them and sell them. But the second and third time I wore them weren't so bad....and now, I could be in them all day, they are so comfy. So I think with a few wears they will get better for you.


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Jun 27, 2006
I always wear mine around the house before taking them out to scope out the blister areas, then I use moleskin before wearing them out on the town :yes:


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Feb 6, 2008
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While they are raw, definitely cover the area with a band aid.
In the future, you could wear a preemptive band aid – or try some Blister Block, which is like a tiny stick of deodorant that keeps the rubbing from irritating your skin. I've also tried actual deodorant in rubby spots and that has worked also.


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Feb 11, 2008
Since it sounds like there's some slipping that's causing the blisters, you might want to try putting them on with socks and then, instead of walking around in them to stretch them out, sit in a chair and lean your heels towards the ground, sort of like you're driving. It might help bend the top edge of the heel backwards just enough so that it doesn't cause any rubbing - if you can get the edge parallel with your foot/leg, instead of bending inward to touch your skin, there will be less friction. I've had it help with a couple of pairs where I had a similar problem. If not, definitely try the suggestions above.


Dec 26, 2007
You mustn't wear those shoes again until your feet are healed.

The blister bandages will offer some comfort BUT they are not a long term solution. Try adding a cushioning pad on the back of your shoes. There are lots of threads on CL survival tips so I won't repeat them.

I'm actually on hiatus from heels until my feet healed. I wore my black Oh My Slings out shopping on Sat (haven't worn them for a long time) and THERE ARE BLISTERS ON EVERY ONE ON MY TOES.

:crybaby:I can't even wear covered shoes. I did manage to wear my Architeks out on the same night for a concert after covering every single toe in Blister Aid bandages. And thankfully, the Architeks were comfy since they were a little loose to begin with and could accommodate my swollen feet. (Don't scold me for wearing heels...)

I'm currently in sandals that don't match any of my outfits and the Oh My Slings have been 'banished' to their shoe box. :confused1:

I totally feel your pain!!!!
Jun 24, 2008
Los Angeles
Thanks everyone for the great suggestions...I will be trying all of them once my foot heals!! I sooo need a pedicure, but I can't get that either...ahh! :smile:


Aug 15, 2008
yorkshire UK
Although most people think that blisters are caused by shoes being too big it is actually caused more commonly when shoes are a tad too small. this is due to your foots inability to move whilst walking causing a shearing effect inyour lower skin layers. do not wear your shoes till your feet have healed as this may cause lasting damage due to scarring.
try the stretching methods for your shoes or consider exchanging for a slightly larger size and good luck!!! :tup: