I now have a "family" of bbags!


Sep 13, 2006
Hey PFers!! I now have a “family” of bbags – two!! One was great but two seems like a real family. I just received my cornflower box. Really do like the box style and size! I was going to get a box in one of the new colors but when I discovered boxes were being discontinued, I had to move up the time frame on “Operation Bbag Box Buy”! I really like the cornflower color so I ordered it from BalNY and have been anxiously waiting the past week for it to arrive (I think most of you know how I was feeling). It had to be signed for and so after I got the first attempted delivery slip I made arrangements to pick up the bag the next night from UPS distribution center. No having to worry about being home 12 straight hours. Well, when I got home from work the next day before going to pick up the package, there was a note from UPS saying they had delivered it to one of my neighbors. They just gave a house number. I ran outside and was crazily trying to figure out which house it was. I know most of the neighbors, but of course not the one they left the box with. Mercifully, the neighbor was nice, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, was HOME when I went over so I have the bag safe and sound. After the recent horror stories I’ve read here about UPS deliveries I was feeling a little apprehensive!!

These two colors, truffe and cornflower, don’t really look that good together.:Push: If I’d taken their picture on my plaid couch whose colors clash horribly with the bbags, I think I could probably win an award for the “ugliest picture ever taken of a bbag.” Didn't want to blind you so decided not to do it. Anyway, I love them!! I haven’t used either yet. The city is a Christmas present so I’m excited I'll get to use it SOON! The box is for my b-day after that. Problem is that I’m running out of special occasions...... how am I going to justify more bags to my DH. Hmmmm, maybe I could argue I need a pink one for Valentine’s Day, a green one for St. Patrick's Day and of course, red, white and blue bags for Flag Day--that goes without saying. I should probably end this so I'll just say, thanks my PF friends for sharing in my happiness.:heart:


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Lovely! Those two look like the belong together!

I am really digging everyone's box's. I think I am going to have to hurry up and add one to my collection.
Congrats on your purchase! What a gorgeous family:nuts:
*hint* after Christmas, your birthday, then New Year's Day, then Valentine's Day..then Easter....then Labor Day... so on and so forth..... you'll find the "special" occasion, don't worry :P:noworry: