I noticed something!!

  1. I am fairly new and noticed some threads get closed quickly so I have not been able to comment but if anyone is concerned about what to put on there bags for products I strongly suggest you contact Louis Vuitton before putting anything on your bag especially food products on, since there is no information for long term affects. I love a new bag and I am sure there are some who love the vintage look as well which everyone will vary as to his or her choice but with anything try and get a lot of information as to how to apply a product correctly and maybe get an idea from another as to what the bag looks like after being treated by that product so you will know what to expect otherwise enjoy your bag, new or old, there both beautiful and either way what ever you choose it does not look like your new to a collection , just looks like you love Louis Vuitton. :yes: I did notice something that the new Damier Speedy sags just like the Monogram does in case anyone was wondering and you can confirm with LV they will tell you, well I certainly hope they do because it does, but still is soo nice.
  2. did you get a damier speedy? I hate that they will sag like a speedy.

    and yeah, they do lock up the threads here mighty fast. I have no idea why though, it was just conversation. And I was was extremely concerned that people will be putting food oil on their handbags. Just a lot of poor and bad information floating about :sick:
  3. I agree putting a food product might have some neagative affects later on, scary thought LOL and yes I did, and although I hate the sagging thing love the damier though, what is your favorite bag right now babylauren?
  4. my favorite bag right at this moment is my Cerise Speedy. I'm on the fence about getting a damier speedy though..................
  5. Do you have a pic of your sagging Damier Speedy?
  6. Did you get the Damier Speedy 25 or 30? I would love to see a pic of it.
  7. It is a 30 and it sags depending on how much stuff you have inside.
  8. I would have to say the speedy is just an all around great bag to have but my favorite right now is the Suhali Le Fab.
  9. I'm planning on getting the Damier Speedy 25. I love the Speedy look. The 30 is too big for me. I don't carry alot of stuff so that's why it's too big. I talked to Eluxury and they will be getting the Damier Speedy!! YAY!! Can't wait.
  10. hey BabyLauren
    me too! after looking through the thread with all the hollywood stars carrying their LV's im like I WANT A CERISE SPEEDY!!!! :love: but i feel i'm just going through a phase!!! but its SO cute!!!
  11. ooh that Cerise Speedy is just awesome, all the cerise is soo very nice and fun to carry.