I no longer wish to be associated with My Poupette!

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  1. In view of all of the threads here complaining about the shocking customer service of MyPoupette & the fact that members are selling fakes, I have penned this email. I will consider whether or not I will continue to use the logo until my subscription has expired but from then on I will not be associated with or pay money under false pretences to this organisation!

    Dear Angie,

    It is with great regret that I must ask you not to deduct my subscription from my account when it comes due.
    I am xxxxxxxxxxx on eBay.
    When I joined your organisation it held prestige as a seller of authentic items. Alas this reputation has been sullied by members selling fakes & by your shocking customer service regarding authentications. People are now saying on purse forums that no self respecting seller would be associated with your organisation. I am sorry that you have let your business slip so badly but that is not my concern, mine is my reputation & MPRS no longer has respect so please confirm by return that when my subscription expires that you will not recharge

    I am sorry again that it has come to this

  2. sorry abt it...but in the end its yr decision...:tup:
  3. Wow, that's sad. You have to do what you have to do though. Stick with whatever you believe, after all it's your reputation too when your selling something right?

    Good email. Hopefully it will make her think, ya know?
  4. WOW... I'm sorry you feel that way. I am not MPRS and I have never really given MPRS a lot of notice when I buy on eBay, as I feel I can authenticate my own bags.

    I have read a few bad reviews lately.. but your email makes it seem like you are quite upset.
    Hope it gets resolved without any headaches.
  5. ^^^^

    I sure hope so Traci, she has let her business deteriorate so badly, it is suicide to be associated with her now! Very sad but then I suppose she got complacent, had all these members & automatic subs coming in every year so why bother?
  6. it's unfortunate that the site has turned to what it is now.
    i was so confused when i went to check the my poupette auction site 'image chic' because there are advertisements on the top for replica lv sites.
  7. Yes I am upset, when I applied to join MyPoupette it was because I thought it would be an asset to my ebay business - you know like an endorsement that my goods were authentic, anything that says this is good on ebay with so many fakes out there - I went through a rigorous scrutiny by MyPoupette, all of my previous auctions were examined & my buyers contacted to ensure that what I was selling was the real deal! I was delighted when I was accepted, at a yearly fee of course. Now all I am seeing here are threads showing no confidence in the organisation, so why should I pay money to be part of that? My feedback speaks for itself I have sold over 1000 items on ebay in total not all show as some are repeat buyers, with 100% positive feedback so who needs this ill organised outfit?
  8. Well that just about says it all, doesn't it!
  9. Roz,

    I'm so sorry you are being made to do this, but I'm glad you recognize the orginisation for what it really has become. The letter is very well written too. Good luck honey!
  10. that is the same reason that i never joined the site. it is a joke. in the past year i bought a supposedly brand new cherry blossom retro from a mspr seller, which turned out to be used. i contacted angie several times and recieved no response. i was quite mad. after that i released that it realy means nothing. even though i did check out the bag, which i got stuck with.
  11. The ads that you're talking about are not placed by MyPoupette. They are ads that are paid for by outside sources through Google. The ads are placed by a bidding system to get on the site. MyPoupette gets revenue from these ads. Unfortunately, they cannot control what ads are served on the pages. Here's what she put in as a disclaimer:

    The web sites on Google Ads have not been verified for authenticity. We do not control what ads are shown. Be sure to verify authenticity before making a purchase! There is no fee to have us check the sites. Use the Contact page to inquire.

    I'm certainly not condoning these ads nor fakes in any way, I'm only explaining that with Google, you cannot control the ads that are placed on your site.
  12. ahhhhhhhh ok! thanks for clearing that up. i was scratching my head saying 'what?'
  13. Lori,
    she does have control over what sellers she has in her organisation & if sellers are selling fakes then she can deal with that by expelling them but apparently cannot be bothered.
    Why should I pay money to be endorsed by a site that also endorses sellers of fakes that is no recommendation for me so what exactly am I paying her money for? A few years ago people saw the logo & said "Yes I can buy from this seller with confidence" Now they are saying "Huh this means nothing, so why go there?"
  14. good for you! as far as i'm concerned, my poupette means nothing in terms of authenticity. most people who are smart and research what they are buying can tell if they are buying authentic; mypoupette endorsement or not.