I no longer want a Lou after this post...

  1. http://allwomenstalk.com/marc-jacobs-patchwork-lou-purse/

    I keep thinking "northface jacket" LOL...why do I do google searches LOL
    Plus I'm all banned up :banned: maybe it's a good thing I read that hahaha
    that was the last MJ bag I was interested in purse-uing LOL
  2. :roflmfao:
  3. haha! she makes a good point.
  4. the lou never really appealed to me until just the other day i saw a post from a member who just got it and in her modeling photos it looked really cute. of course i forgot who it was and i cant search for it now- oh well.
  5. well, dont ever look at the ryder tote then...the handles look like tapeworms
  6. What she refers to as the "puffiness" of the leather was what really wheeled me in! I find it so luxurious looking - like the quilting on Balenciaga Matelasse :drool:
    I absolutely adore my Lou despite some grumpy blogger thinking it looks like the Michelin man :love: (And btw love the peanut colour too - guess I generally don't agree with her!)
  7. ^^ oh pigen it was you... your bag is gorgeous!
  8. I still like the Lou!
  9. yeah i agree jess, pigens bag is beautiful. not something that i myself would be able to pull off, but she wears it well!
  10. i have a silver patchwork lou and i love it! i think some people cant pull it off thats all, its the same way with tokidoki bags! if ure blessed enough to be able to pull it off, why not take it and show everyone else how nice it looks on you? hahaha! pigen, ur lou is gorgeus!
  11. Funny! I always thought the ryder looked like a diaper bag! Although, I did see a young lady with the ryder and it looked great on her.
  12. I'd still have the Lou :smile:.
  13. I have a North Face jacket and I love it!
  14. Hmph...I would still get a Lou! :yes:
  15. I have a Lou, but not in the quilted in the article (it is in the "wet leather" version that came out 2 years ago or something). I can see where she's coming from, but I don't think it's that unappealing.