I new a new wallet

  1. I need a new wallet. Any suggestions? I am looking for something in black or another neutral color that will go with all my bags. I want something big enough for 10-15 credit cards and some cash. I don't usually carry my checkbook everywhere I go, so it doesn't need to fit a checkbook. I don't want to spend more than $250. I'm looking at maybe the Hayden-Harnett Clutch Wallet or the Coach Hamptons Slim Envelope Wallet or the Hamptons French Purse. Anyone have imput on these or have any other ideas for me?
  2. just got the HH clutch wallet...love it but wish the change pocket on the back opened a little wider, but no big deal.
    I've been liking the way the Coach Hamptons slim one looks online, but havent seen it in person yet
  3. Check out wallets by Hobo International. I have the Rachel in black and pink and I LOVE IT!!!!! I think it's THE perfect wallet!!
  4. Second recommendation for the HH
    here is an inside view of the wallet....
  5. ^^ love that coach one, and you can find it for pretty decent prices on *bay
  6. The first company that comes to mind is aspinaloflondon.com. Their "Classic Wallet" is large enough for everything but doesn't have a checkbook, and even with shipping, duty and the optional gift box, the moc croc one I purchased was all of $206. I ordered it on a Thursday evening, and it arrived from England on Monday.

    The have a really nice black leather wallet for $20 less, and it's lined with red suede.
  7. i like Lodis wallets, but hobo is good as well. I've seen abas but never tried, but now given bagachondriac stamp of approval I'm considering them
  8. I love my Coach wallet. I can get a ton of stuff in it.
  9. I really like Coach wallets - they hold up really well (I tend to use one wallet all the time for ages - until it falls apart) - I just got the Holiday Patchwork large zip wallet - it's the really big one - not sure the exact name. It has a ton of pockets inside and a zippered coin pocket - it holds tons of cards and I have room for cash, discount cards (very important) and all the receipts I collect while traveling for work (and which I cannot lose as I need them to get reimbursed. ) I also like the fact that it zips - nothing ever falls out.
  10. Try totally turnlock by MbMJ. It's $168 and can hold a lot.