I Never Thought.......

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  1. This bag would be so gorgeous:drool:!!!! So I walk in to Nordies, again today(I've been there everyday since the day after christmas:shame:smile:, and there she was in all of her glory. I had no idea she was this big( and boy do I love a big bag). First thing that came to mind was you gals, I knew you all( for those who have not seen it irl) wanted to get an idea of the size, so I had the SA pose for me holding this baby, luckly I carry my camera in my purse:upsidedown:( although the SA looked at me strangely when I pulled it out:lol:)!!!! She is definitely a beauty but looks much better in the black and chocolate brown imho.

    Without further a due her she is:
    DSC01033.jpg DSC01034.jpg
  2. OMG! Is that the new bowler? very big, I like it a LOT!
  3. Yeah it is! I wasn't expecting it to be this big(which is why I was on the fence about it, but now I love it). It looks normal size from the stock photos.
    Goes to show how deceiving those photo's can be..lol!
  4. :drool: Very awesome!
  5. The East-West bowler comes in two sizes. She's holding the large version. The medium version is on the Neiman Marcus website.

    I saw the chocolate medium version yesterday in Nordie's. I haven't stop thinking of her since!!!

    That was cool of the SA to let you snap her picture.
  6. This bag makes the SA look tiny! Might be a great way to appear petite!!

  7. Is this bag bigger than the Medium Size Quilted Bay ? It looks like it in your pics. Those bags do look fab:tup: but I agree about them looking better in the darker colours (I have a Blanc Quilted Bay in my collection which gets the least use of all my girls:sad: !)

    Are you going to get one ? I'm assuming as they're new stock, they're not in the sale ? Would be interested to know the price ( for general interest only as I am on a STRICT bag ban now for the forseeable future...I am, I really am :crybaby:!!!)
  8. I absolutly love it. I like the one on the counter more though. Is that one black or dark chocolate? It does look a lot like the bay bag I have but there is no extra pocket on top of that one. Anyways I defiently want the dark one on the counter:smile:
  9. Bays in dark colors are very special. The leather is (Nat has a name for it) some kind of memory upgrade leather. But I thought the Ecru version in the medium was divine.

    Large bags on smaller gals is really growing on me. I saw a boutique owner with an ultra cool Chanel tote (black and gold). It was big for her but boy did she rock that bag; I'll admit it made me want one.....it was patent. One thing I also noticed in the stores everyone is doing some sort of patent?? Go figure??
  10. ali w - you are always prepared (with your camera)!!! Beautiful bag!
  11. I also like it better in the darker color. I wouldn't be able to get used to a bag this large for me personally but I think they look great on others. Makes her look so tiny....
  12. :yes: Its definitely bigger than the medium!! Oh yeah, she is on my "hit list":girlsigh:. But unfortunately she is not in this sale. However, I'm sure she will be in the march sales:sweatdrop:(I hope)!!
  13. The one on the counter was GORGEOUS!!!! I wanted her to hold that one but I had to grab the closest one before she(SA) changed her mind:lol:....
  14. Speaking of girls carrying big handbags, here are some pictures of Katie Holmes carrying her huge Birkin (taken from the Stars and Hermes thread)... it certainly makes a statement.


  15. I love that Bay! Gorgeous.... hmmmm.... the Bay is starting to grow on me, like the Edith did (and now I'm obsessed with my Edith).