I never thought that I would say this...

  1. ...but this afternoon, I got overwhelmed at Barney's - with all the BBags that they had on display! It was CRAZY! Maybe because I don't go to NYC very often, and rarely ever see anyone wear a real BBag in DC (and although the Neiman's at Tyson's Galleria has a nice selection, it's manageable), it was just too much! I guess it's a good thing I didn't make it to BalNY. Phew. I'm crazy, right?
  2. Suli i am going to NY next weekend.:yahoo: What did you see?:graucho:
  3. You are crazy. I would LOVE to be surrounded by bbags :drool:

    Although it might make me sad cause I wouldn't be able to take them all home...

    At the same time I've never even seen any other bbag IRL except mine, so I'd probably be a little overwhelmed too.
  4. Sorry you were overwhelmed but what'd you see??!?!?
  5. lol, you're soooooooooooooo cute SuLi-girl :p...i was @ "Barney's" yesterday (miss penelope, below, insisted :wtf:)...they've got mostly GH b-bags out on the floor & the leather on all them was amazing!!!...i've gotta feeling they didn't order many RH bags this year :smile:
    DSCF7590 REV.jpg
  6. :roflmfao:

    Do you bring those dolls everywhere with you?
  7. ^^ nope, but i'm thinking about it :p
  8. Love your Blythe outfit. So cute!
  9. Grande latte and aaa, where do you guys get these cute dolls from. :p I love them. They are adorable.:tender:
  10. ^^ thanks Nanaz & Grande Latte :tender:

    p.s. they're called blythe dolls Nanaz-girl & you can buy them on e-bay ;)
    p.p.s. i :heart: your red-headed doll GL, which one is she (?)
  11. Oh god they are adorable. :p Thanks aaa.:heart:
  12. I was going to ask the same thing! They are cute, but what in the world are they for? Is it a fad like the Beanie Babies were awhile back? Should I get one too? :shrugs:
  13. ^^ welp, i don't know if they're a fad or not, but i don't think so, because people have been collecting them for years & there are entire forums dedicated to them :smile:...all i know is that i love them & have been having fun w/my new hobby, thanks to our fayden :love:...i think you should totally get one girl, just do a search for "blythe doll" on e-bay & join us!!!
  14. I wanna be overwhelmed.....
  15. Well Bal NY doesn't even have most of their bags out on the sales floor which makes it VERY difficult when you go shop and have nothing specific in mind. I always feel bad sending them to the back again and again.:weird:

    Neiman's @ Tysons Galleria's selection is horrible...unless you're all crazy about GH. They ordered to few colors and styles with classic hardware that they sell out in a day and never to be seen again! all they have left are last season's colors/styles and all the bags look like a wreck. :cry: