I never thought it would happen, but I've fallen in love.....

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  1. .....with my new small matelasse in sienna.

    I've always preferred the motorcycle range, but this matelasse is pure class!! Thanks Hgbags.

    Unfortunately its a dull day today, so I can't quite capture the beauty but here goes...




    In fact I'm tempted to get it in Ivory!!
  2. How cute! I saw someone carrying the regular sized maltesse in chocolate brown a few weeks ago and I tell you, it got me thinking for a moment. It was gorgeous.


    Hgbags is the best : )
  3. Positivley adorable; I love this in sienna!
  4. Really beautiful! I keep thinking about this one - I adore my Matelasse clutch.
  5. F&G, I'm so glad you like this little beauty!!! The demand has been so low for the small Matelasse overall this season. I really thought it would have done better with being a new style. Why do you all think this is? Too expensive for the size? Not the greatest of colors? I'm really curious to hear opinions.
  6. Wow, it is gorgeous in this color. It is not a bag I really considered, but your bag is lovely. Congrats!!
  7. Your bag is stunning! Congrats!
  8. fabulous!!!!!
  9. I've still never seen one of these IRL (besides at the store) and I'd like to because I think they're gorgy! Congrats on your new bag!
  10. i think this size is perfect :smile: there's actually a picture on the chanel thread with sjp holding this exact bag!!
    congrats on your new bbag!
  11. I really did consider this for a while...actually this exact color too that HGBags "E" was selling! Congrats Fred & Ginger! It looks gorgeous in sienna! I've seen the matelasse clutch w/o the handles in sienna at the store and it is TDF...you chose the right color in this style!
  12. I think one of the reasons may be because its a very structured shape compared to the popular moto line.

    Balenciaga does now offer other styles (luna?) but this is so different that its like a completely different offering. Even the hardware shape and style is nothing like moto's so its a real alternative. The maltese still has the signature 2 studs on the front so its like a hybrid moto mixed with a Chanel like look (at least I think of Chanel because of the quilting), so its like in between but not quite different enough. Maybe if the hardware was completely different as well (no moto references like those studs), then it may have done better? Who knows. Thats my rambling thoughts.

    For me, I didn't like how the shape was on the arm (too square) so for me it was a bit of a no-no as far as functionality goes. Plus the Chanel quilting reminder was too much for me too.
  13. Hey Karen!! I have to say though, the medium Matelasse still sells somewhat strong and is quite popular eventhough it's not the classic motorcycle style. This small size though had such incredibly low demand. I had to sell most for less than I paid:sad:

  14. congrats!
  15. great bag! congrats!