I never thought I'd become a Chanel Junkie ;)

  1. Hey guys :smile:

    Thought I'll share with you my two new Chanels :smile: not my first, but definitely my first store bought ones! :smile: [My dad bought over one vintage one from my mom for me last month]

    Bought the black one on the 23rd (gosh was it only a week ago?), and the white one on the 24th.. originally I was looking for a black patent 2.55 but it was sold out by the time I got to the store, and I settled for the black one instead cuz I really liked the shape! It was way more expensive than the 2.55 though :/ it's about 3k usd.

    No idea what it is called, hence, photo up for you guys to try identify it :smile: I thought it came off the fall line, but I haven't seen anything that matched so far. I probably need better photos of it though, which I shall take once I've got more time :smile:

    Pardon the lack of my knowledge of terms =p Hence being in this forum, to learn them! =)

    I bought the white 2.55 at the airport.. while rushing home.. it was a split minute decision but boy was it sooo gorgeous =) and it didn't look oldish at all, which I was kinda concerned the 2.55s might look =p

    Okay, so this is my hello thread here, I will take better pictures of the black bag, and also the rest of my Chanel stuff :smile:

    Oh yes, forgot I had pictures of this Chanel belt my mother gave me as well :smile: Vintage in gold with chunky charms, it's so heavy and I just love it!
  2. WELCOME and congrats! I don't see photos, let me know if you need help loading them.
  3. The bags :smile:
    boo.JPG 0004.JPG 0003.JPG
  4. Ok, I took these from my built-in webcam, so it was kind of hard to angle myself =p

    But I really really love this belt =) I think you could use it as a necklace.. if you wanted a sore neck =p
    Photo 101.jpg Photo 114.jpg
  5. hehe I thought separating them out might be neater :smile: hello and thanks! =)
  6. Beautiful new bags. Welcome to the Chanel subforum.:flowers:
  7. Very pretty bags, welcome!!!
  8. thanks guys :smile: and I just found it it's a ritz :smile: golden has a grey one and boy boy I think it's nicer than black! but oh well, black will suit office crap more for next time I guess :smile:
  9. The belt is very cute!
  10. Thanks :smile: It's amazingly well preserved, considering it's over 10 years old at least..
  11. The bags are gorgeous, and that belt is awesome!
  12. You are adorable and your bags are as well!
  13. cute bags and belt...
    i love that belt
    welcome to the new chanel fever
    you get one and you can not stop
  14. Oh dear, the Chanel fever... :yes:

    What a fabulous belt! Did the gold finish hold up? I'm assuming it is a Karl Lagerfeld Chanel and not made earlier than the 80's?
  15. I love your white classic flap. Which airport has Chanel bags?